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Tzipporah Mimkhatah Headcoverings


One size fits all - Mimkhatah are sized to fit by their ties.

Blue & Silver Stripe Mimkhatah

Tzipporah Blue Silver Stripe Voile Mimkhatah Kerchief Blue Silver Voile Mimkhatah Kerchief Headcovering Tzipporah Blue Silver Voile Mimkhatah Kerchiefs

A lightweight kerchief style that is perfect for a stylish head cover. Blue sheer organza band ties.

  • fabric is a voile cotton
  • handmade
  • hand wash, air dry


Tzipporah1 - $13.99



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Our Customers Write:


Shalom Devorah, I'd like to say thank you for my new head coverings that my husband ordered for me. I love them! I was a little concerned about the color of the Tzipporah2 Mimkhatah, however, when I took it out of the box I was very pleased with it. I will be wearing it on this Shabbat. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and look forward to future orders. Thanks again. Simcha C.