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Yedidya Mimkhatah Hair Coverings


Kerchief Head Scarves Head Coverings. Fashionable, beautiful, comfortable. The finishing touch to any outfit. Hassle free design, easy to slip on and off!

Beige & Cinnamon Design Mimkhatah Scarf

Lightweight, Perfect Accessory
Yedidya Beige Cinnamon Design Mimkhatah Kerchief  Yedidya Beige Cinnamon Kerchief Mimkhatah Hair Coverings

Beige and Cinnamon Mimkhatah Tichel Scarf with beige design band ties. Comfortable wear; easy on and off. Semi or total coverage depending on how you wear your hair.

  • poly blend fabric
  • handmade
  • hand wash, air dry


Yedidya2 - $13.99



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Our Customers Write:


I received another lovely headcovering in the mail a few days ago -(Yehudit8 Brown Lace Mimkhatah). I absolutely love it! I get so many compliments on everything I wear of yours. You have a loyal and devoted customer for life. Many years! Amanda, AK.