Hebrew Baruch HaShem - Blessed is the Name of G-d

Mitpachat Tichel Israeli ScarvesHeadcoverings by Devorah
Head Coverings for Religious Purposes, Tzniut - Modesty or Hair Loss

Where Modesty Does Not Mean Frumpy!


Scarves, Tichels, Kerchiefs, Snoods, Veils Mantillas, Shawls, Hair Wraps, Kippot, Hats, Modest Clothing & Judaic Art

Cancellation Policy


cancellation noticeDue to the handmade nature of our products, all orders are finalized upon check out. As soon as your order is submitted, we begin immediate processing - items are cut out, sewn, then finishing touches are added prior to shipment. For this reason, orders cannot be cancelled. This policy applies even if the item has not yet shipped.

We will attempt to make color or styles changes requested whenever possible. However, although we will attempt to make changes for you, we cannot guarantee any change requests after an order is submitted.





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