Headcovering Care

How to Care for Your Head Covering

How to Care For Your Head Covering


Our headcovering designs are not only very comfortable to wear but are simple and easy to care for. A favorite head cover design is precious, so we have put together a few guidelines to help you care for your new purchase. Please note, these care tips are only guidelines and variations will apply to various fabrics. Special washing instructions will apply to some fabrics such as satins, sequinned, beaded, delicate lace fabrics and some sheer fabrics as well. With a minimal amount of care, your headcover will stay beautiful for many, many years.


  • Most head coverings with attached ties should be hand wash and air dried. The head covers that can be machine washed and dried will be noted.
  • Hand wash in cool to warm water using a non abrasive detergent - most detergents will work but Woolite is a good gentle detergent for delicates.
  • Hang to air dry


Some cotton and cotton blends may need ironing after washing.


It is recommended to hand wash any lace veils, using cold water and a mild soap like Woolite. If you need to press a lace veil, use a press cloth so you don't touch the iron directly onto the lace.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.