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A Wide Selection of Headband Hair Accessories

Beautifully handcrafted, comfortable and affordable women's fashion headbands, scarf headbands, and girls' headbands. Constructed using high-quality fabrics and designed to fit comfortably without the "pinching" that so often occurs with other headbands. A large selection of colors, patterns, and fashion prints, including Jewish holiday, glamour, and trendy scarf headbands. Designed for long-term comfort and long wear.

Most headbands can be worn scrunched for the traditional headband look or extended for more coverage.

To purchase select from the below designs. Click on pictures for a larger view.

Peach Satin Ruffle Headband Peach Satin Ruffle Head Bands
HB38. White Crochet w/Peach Satin Ruffle Headband.
Curly hair or long, hair up or hair down, our fabric headbands are the best for adding an special extra touch to any outfit!
Price: 10.99

Ivory Venise Headband Ivory Venise Hair Band
HB39. Ivory Venise Floral Headband.
Totally unique! You will not find anything like it in stores!
Price: 11.99

Red Black Lace Sari Headband Red Black Lace Sari Head Bands
SARI-HB3. Red & Black Lace Sari Headband™.

Wear our unique Sari style headband alone or as a scarf accessory.

Perfect for those days when you need a simple solution to quickly add color and style to your hair or head covering. Elegant for any occasion.

One size fits most adult head sizes. Stretches to fit your head size.

Price: 16.99 Sari Headband™

Out of Stock

Blue Swirl Headbands Blue Swirl Headband
HB42. Blue Swirl Design Headband.
Pretty! Our headbands wrap all the way around the head with hidden, stretchy elastic at the back for a comfy, secure fit.
Price: 12.99

Turquoise Black Silver Lace Sari Headband
SARI-HB1. Turquoise Black & Silver Lace Sari Style Headband.

Wear our unique Sari Headband™ alone or as a scarf accessory. One size fits most all adult head sizes.

Can also be worn over a tichel or snood as a scarf or snood enhancer - See at our New Tichel Accessories Section. 

*NOTE from Devorah Channah: Our new Sari Headband™ is so versatile!  I have been wearing this same head band over a black FRK7. Chenille Frik Kippah...the head band really dresses up any type of head covering!  I change head band colors to match my clothing for that day.

Price: 16.99 Sari Headband™

Out of Stock

Black & Gold Lace Headband Black Gold Floral Lace Head Band
HB44. Black & Gold Floral Design Headband.
This gorgeous headband is the most beautiful black & gold floral pattern. The intricate lace design makes a lovely hair accessory.
Price: 11.99

Periwinkle Blue Design Sheer Headband Periwinkle Sheer Design Head band Sheer Design Headbands
HB45. Periwinkle Sheer Design Headband.
A must-have for short hair, long hair, and any hair style!
Price: 12.99

Pink Bouquet Organza Headband Yellow Bouquet Organza Head Band
HB46. Bouquet Organza Headband.
An organza floral fabric with pretty silk flowers.
Price: 10.99

Select Bouquet Color

Pastel Bouquet Organza Headband Pastel Bouquet Organza Head Bands
HB47. Pastel Bouquet Organza Headband.
Organza sheer with small flowers.
Price: 10.99

Pastel Stripe Organza Headband Pastel Stripe Organza Head Bands
HB48. Pastel Stripe Organza Headband.
A stylish design that can be worn for dress or casual.
Price: 9.99

Tans Browns Design Headband Tans Browns Design Cotton Headbands
HB49. Tans & Browns Paisley Design Headband.
Fully expandable and versatile. Wear scrunched or extended as an extra wide headband
Price: 12.99

White Plush Velvet Wide Headband White Plush Velvet Wide Head band
HB50. Plush Velvet Wide Headband.
Available in a variety of plush velvet colors.
Price: 10.99

Select Color

Black Gold & Brown Lace Sari Style Headband Sari Headband
SARI-HB4. Black Gold & Brown Lace Sari Style Headband.
Gorgeous and unique!

Price: 16.99

Black Design Headband Black Design Headband Kerchief Black Design Head Bands
HB52. Black Design Headband.
Price: 12.99

Navy ReEmbroidery Headband Navy ReEmbroidery Head Bands
HB53. Navy ReEmbroidery Floral Headband.
Price: 12.99

White Floral Lace Headband White Lace Head Band White Lace Hair Band
HB54. White Floral Lace Headband.
Price: 12.99

Pink Stretch Headband Stretch Head Bands Stretch Headbands Stretch Hairband Stretch Hairbands Stretch Headband Head coverings
HB55. Wide Stretch Headband.
Price: 10.99

Select Color

Lavender Lace Headbandnew tag
SARI-HB2. Lavender, Black & Gold Lace Sari Style Headband.

Wear the Sari Headband™ alone or as a scarf accessory and enhancer - See at our New Tichel Accessories Section. 

So versatile!  You can even wear it over a Frik (FRK7. Chenille Frik Kippah) or many other head coverings to dress them up and give a very pretty and feminine look. Many colors will soon be available...change head band colors to coordinate with clothing for that day.

Price: 16.99 Sari Headband™

Wide Black Poly Applique Headband
HB57. Poly Appliqué Headband.
Available in black or brown.

Price: 11.99

Select Color


Pink Black & Gold Sari Headband Lt. Pink Black & Gold Sari Headband
SARI-HB5. Pink, Black & Gold Lace Sari Style Headband. Available with bright pink or light pink accent lace.  Select below.

Price: 16.99

Select Color


Sage Black & Gold Sari HeadbandSARI-HB6. Sage, Black & Gold Lace Sari Style Headband.

Price: 16.99


Gold Black & Gold Sari HeadbandSARI-HB7. Gold, Black & Gold Lace Sari Style Headband.

Price: 16.99

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