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Mitpachat Scarf Headcoverings


Self Tie Scarves - No Ties Scarf Head Coverings - Self-Tying Scarves. Mitpachat head coverings are scarves cut in a triangular shape (unless otherwise noted), as with my other scarves listed, but the mitpachat do not have any attached ties. The scarf ends themselves are used for tying in a traditional Israeli scarf tie or snood tie. Simple but yet elegant. So many ways to tie these head coverings - you are only limited by your imagination!

Gauze Cotton Mitpachat Tichel

Available in a Variety of Gauze Cotton Colors
Cinnamon Gauze Cotton Mitpachat Black Gauze Cotton Mitpachat

Lightweight and breathable with total hair coverage! (Note that dark hair may show through on light gauze cotton colors). Ultra soft and 100% cotton. No special tying skills required, wear in a traditional Israeli scarf style or tie as a snood or in a bun tie.

  • gauze cotton
  • triangular cut
  • handmade
  • Available in small (44W x 26L) or medium (50W x 30L)


MPT-TCHL1 - $17.99

Size ------>
Color ------>


Georgette Chiffon Fashion Hair Wrap Mitpachat

Colors Available
Pink and Tan Chiffon Mitpachat Tiechel Scarf Headcoverings Pink Tan Chiffon Sheer  Mitpachat Pink Tan Chiffon Mitpachat Pink Tan Design Mitpachat Design Chiffon Fashion Mitpachat Georgette Chiffon Mitpachat

Oversized rectangular cut chiffon mitpachat tichel. Wear alone or as an accent scarf. Drapes beautifully!

  • georgette chiffon semi-sheer fabric
  • rectangular cut
  • 60L x 20W


MPT-TCHL2 - $18.99
Color ------>


Ginger & Khaki Plaid Floral Design Mitpachat

Long Size for Wrapping
Ginger & Khaki Plaid Design Hair Wrap Mitpachat Scarf Headcoverings Ginger Khaki Plaid Silk Mitpachat Ginger Khaki Plaid Silk Fabric Scarf Ginger Khaki Plaid Silk Rectangle Scarf

Rectangular cut silk wrapping mitpachat tichel. Pretty ginger and khaki plaid and floral design. Wear alone or as an accent scarf. Wraps beautifully!

  • lightweight silk fabric
  • rectangular cut
  • machine wash & dry
  • 78L x 18W



Black Navy Designed Hair Wrap Mitpachat

Ample Size for Wrapping
Navy Black Design Mitpachat Tiechel Scarf Headcoverings Navy Designed Mitpachat Tiechel Hair Cover Navy Designed Mitpachat Tiechel Headcover Navy Black Designed Mitpachat Tiechel Hair covering Black Navy Designed Mitpachat Tiechel Hair Cover

Large black & navy designed mitpachat tichel. Great for tzniut (modest) wear or for hair loss. Drapes and wraps beautifully!

  • lightweight voile cotton fabric
  • square cut design
  • 46L x 46W



Brown Peach Floral Design Mitpachat

Brown Peach Flral Design Mitpachat Tiechel Scarf Headcoverings Peach Designed Mitpachat Tiechel Hair Cover Brown Peach Floral Designed Mitpachat Tiechel Headcover

Brown with peach floral designed mitpachat tichel. Great head wrap for tzniut or hair loss.

  • silk fabric
  • rectangular cut design
  • 56L x 20W
  • Limited!


MPT-TCHL5 - $18.99


Black & White Embroidery Mitpachat

Soft 100% Cotton!
Black White Embroidery Design Mitpachat Tiechel Scarf Headcoverings Designed Mitpachat Tiechel Hair Cover Black with White Embroidered Designed Mitpachat Tiechel Hair Cover

Soft and comfortable black mitpachat tichel with white embroidery design. Oversized rectangular cut. Great covering for modesty and hair loss.

  • lightweight 100% cotton fabric
  • rectangular cut design
  • 79L x 34W


MPT-TCHL6 - $18.99


Black Sheer Hair Wrap Mitpachat

Available in Black Only
Black Poly Sheer Mitpachat Tiechel Scarf Headcoverings Black Sheer  Mitpachat

Large black oversize rectangular cut sheer hair wrap (mitpachat) - 55 inches in length. Made of soft, machine-washable poly sheer. Drapes beautifully!

  • poly sheer
  • rectangular cut
  • handmade
  • 55L x 15W


MPT-TCHL9 - $18.99


Cotton Mitpachat

Available in a Varitey of Colors
Black Batiste Mitpachat Headcovering Black Batiste  Mitpachat Turquoise Cotton Mitpachat Turquoise Cotton Mitpachat Turquoise Cotton Mitpachat Royal Blue Cotton Red Cotton Purple Cotton White Cotton Sea Foam Cotton Burgundy Cotton Gray Cotton Jade Cotton Navy Cotton Orange Cotton Pale Yellow Cotton Pale Pink Cotton Pink Cotton Rose Cotton Violet Cotton Watermelon Cotton

A lightweight, breathable, black cotton mitpachat design generously oversized for versatility. Mix and match with any outfit. Can be worn alone or as an accent scarf. Vibrant colors for extra style and sophistication.

  • batiste cotton
  • rectangular cut
  • 70L x 18W


MPT-TCHL10 - $16.99
Color ------>


Alicia Keys Style Mitpachat

Available Soon in a Variety of Colors
Black Poly Rayon Mitpachat Headcovering Brown Striped Tichel  Mitpachat Brown Striped Sheer Voile Mitpachat Mitpachat Black Design Tichel  Mitpachat Black Design Tichel  Mitpachat Black Design Tichel  Mitpachat Black Design Tichel  Mitpachat Black Design Tichel  Mitpachat

A scarf that makes a great head wrap head covering. Wear with an under-cap or over a low bun. Many of tying styles! Black design poly-rayon is out of stock. Substituting with similar black poly-rayon.

  • poly-rayon and voile cotton
  • triangular cut
  • handmade
  • one size


MPT-TCHL16 - $24.99
Color ------>



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how to tie a mitpachatHow to tie mitpachat (scarf) to create a snood look:

  • Tie underneath hair
  • Wrap tail of scarf up and underneath tail of hair and tuck under tie
  • Bring scarf ends underneath pouch and then back up and over pouch and tie
  • Tuck loose tie ends into the tie if preferred


Simple yet elegant. So many ways to tie these head coverings - you are only limited by your imagination!



Our Customers Write:


Dearest D'vorah, Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I received my beautiful mitpachat today and i am so happy with it. It was such a joy for me to open it. You had already folded it for me the way that you knew i wanted it. I quickly tried it on, with the "Jerusalem twist tie" and i am very excited. I didn't do a very good job for my first time with making it right, but i am very confident that with practice i will get it just the way i imagined it. The material is great (i really like the silver threads) and it is easier to stay in place because it is not smooth material. It is comfortable and i have lots of hope that i will learn to tie it just right (you might laugh if you saw how i tied it for the first time). I am going to wear it all day because i am so content with it and tomorrow i will practice again. Thank you D'vorah for everything, and i am so glad that i found you. G-d bless and keep you and your family and make His Light shine upon you... dodie