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Preparing for Shabbat


For the honor of Shabbat, one should prepare for Shabbat by dressing in one's best, as one prepares for a great occasion, for rejoicing at the arrival of Shabbat. Wouldn't one dress up when going out to meet a king or a bride and groom?


Kabbalat Shabbat... Rabbi Hanina would put on his cloak on Friday evening and would say, "Let's go and meet Queen Shabbat!" Rabbi Yannai would say, "Welcome, Bride! Welcome, Bride!"


"If you refrain from trampling the Shabbat, from pursuing your [mundane] affairs on My holy day; if you call the Shabbat 'delight', My holy day 'honored'; and if you honor it." (Yeshayahu 58:13-14).


Throughout the world pious Jews have one special set of clothes that they wear only on Shabbat and Yom Tov. The Gemara teaches:


""Your Shabbat clothes should not be the same as your weekday clothes." (Shabbat 113a)


Rabbi Avraham Danzig (1748-1820) points out that the best clothes that we wear on Shabbat are not for the benefit of others, they are in honor of the Shabbat; therefore we should dress this way even when we are alone for Shabbat. (Chokhmat Adam)


Rabbi Karo (Paragraph 2, Section 22) recognizes that not everyone may be able to afford a special suit of clothes for Shabbat. Therefore, he states that those who do not have such special clothing "should let their clothes hang down in best style"..


In ancient times people would wear a long outer garment...hence the reason I designed my Shabbat Shawls, combining the two traditions of the ancient long veils worn while kindling the Shabbat and Yom Tov lights, prayer & worship, and the wearing of a long outer garment in honor of the Shabbat.


Many styles of Shabbat Shawls and Modest - Shabbos Clothes are available with more to be added soon. Some that are available can be worn by both women and men.


Have a special design in mind? I accept custom orders if you have something special in mind that you would like me to design for you.