Batiste Tichels (Scarves) Headcoverings

Wear our Batiste cotton scarf head coverings for casual or elegant events, prayer, candle lightings or for hair loss. Tie closure ensure a non-slip perfect fit. Refer to our Sizing Chart for help with selecting the appropriate size for your hair length.

About Batiste Scarves


Batiste cotton fabric is a soft and light weight 35% polyester 65% blend which gives good coverage and comfortable. This fabric feels good against the skin regardless of the temperature or the humidity - great for hot summer temperatures and casual wear. Light colored batiste may be semi-sheer on dark hair. Perfect head coverings for casual or elegant events, prayer, religious wear or for hair loss - cancer and chemotherapy patients and alopecia. Tie closure ensure a non-slip perfect fit.


📌Note: When necessary, broadcloth fabric may be used a susbstitute. Broadcloth, which is also 35% polyester 65% blend and is basically the same fabric as batiste fabric but with a slightly tighter weave.



Batiste Cotton Fabric Care


Although batiste is a very easy fabric to clean and can be machine washed and dried, the coverings with attached ties should be hand washed and air dried.



Special Requests


If you don't see listed what you are looking for, please contact us with your preferences, we will work with you to create something that is uniquely you! We also accept mail in fabrics and materials for custom orders. If you have a special fabric that you would like us to make your head covering from, please contact us to discuss details and price.



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“Devorah, I just received it!!! It is lovely; I look forward to wear it tonight for dress rehearsal!!!! Thanks so much for getting it out on time. ” -All the best, Ruth


“Hello, Thank you for the latest items you sent, they have now been received. They are very beautiful and very nicely made. Thank you again, ” -Take care, Deborah


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