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Bucharian Kippah - Buchari Kippot


A variety of colors, fabrics and designs. I offer both traditional kippot styles for men and also some very feminine kippot designs. Many of the Bucharian designs listed make wonderful Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah gifts, head coverings and lovely prayer caps. Sizing Instructions are below of how to measure for headsize needed for a Buchari kippah. Click images for larger view.

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Custom Orders - Special Requests


I also accept custom orders, contact me to discuss availability. Please include details of style, design and color(s) you are looking for in a custom made Bucharian Kippah.



How to Measure Head Size for a Bucharian KippahH:

sizing - measuring head for bucharian kippah


For a custom fit, measure the circumference of your head about 1" above the eyebrows. Include this measurement in the comment area when remitting payment, or email the measurement after placement of order.


  • 19 inch circ. = kippah size 6
  • 22 inch circ. = kippah size 7
  • 25 inch circ. = kippah size 8


*If you get a half (in between size) just include a note of the circumference measurement in the comment area when remitting payment. I will adjust the size as needed.


Our Customers Write:


They are WONDERFUL! (BCH1 White Lace Buchari Style Kippah & BCH9 Black Lace Grape Venise Buchari Kippah) So beautiful, more so than in the photos on your web site. I will definitely let anyone who asks where I got them from! Sandra D., MD


Hi Devorah, I wanted to let you know I received my head coverings and I am so amazed at your skill and talent. They are so beautiful, I put one on and went and showed my neighbor and she loved it too. I am wearing one tomorrow to Shabbat so I am sure all the ladies there will love it and want one. Thank you for such beautiful and exquisite lace head coverings (BCH3, BCH7). Shalom! Barbara


Devorah, Just a note to tell you that I received my chapel cap (BCH5 Ivory Lace Rose Venise Buchari Kippah) today and it is beautiful. Perfect fit for my head and no chance of it slipping off my very thin hair. Thanks again. Patricia


I just wanted to tell you that the Buchari Israeli Designed Kippah is so beautiful. It came in the mail today. Its different when you touch it and feel it. Its beautiful work and I am very happy with it! Its definitely worth the wait!!!!! I can't wait to use it for my spiritual prayers and meditation. Its a work of art. :) Thank you for your care with it. Sincerely, Lea -Aurora, IL.


Hello! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wow, really fast, and it’s beautiful (BCH13-BCH14 Black/Silver Floral Lace Buchari Kippah)! Thank you so very much. Peggy, NC


Shalom Devorah! Chodesh Tov! I hope this letter finds you and your family well! I recently ordered - and received - the beautiful crushed velvet Buchari kippah (BCH17 Black Crushed Velvet Wide Brim Buchari Kippah) you designed for me. It is BEAUTIFUL!! I'm happy to share with you that I wear it every morning for Shaharit - it fits well, is comfortable and really adds something special to my tefilah every day. Ketiva v'chatima Tovah - and Shabbat Shalom, --Menachem, IL.


Thanks Devorah, received the kippot end of last week (BCH18 Turquoise Design Jacquard Band Buchari Kippah), the guys are thrilled with them. Thanks for the great service, and quality of the kippot. Shalom Aleichem, Les (Moishe), MN.