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Kinnor Art

King David's Harp - Biblical Art

Kinnor Framed Art - Spiritually expressive Hebrew art with an individual style. All my Judaic Framed Art is strictly handmade - not mass produced which just do not compare to the uniqueness and beauty found in handmade items.  The Kinnor type of harp was played in the time of King David and in Israel's First & Second Temples periods.  Its structure and basic design is known from ancient coins, Biblical descriptions and from Talmudic information:

So said R. Aha b. Bizana in the name of R. Simeon the Pious: A harp was hanging above David's bed. As soon as midnight arrived, a North wind came and blew upon it and it played of itself. He arose immediately and studied the Torah till the break of dawn. After the break of dawn the wise men of Yisrael came in to see him and said to him: "Our lord, the King, Yisrael your people require sustenance!"  David’s rising at midnight is thus connected to the ram that Avraham sacrificed instead of his son AND to the final Messianic Redemption.  Every part of the ram that Avraham sacrificed was to serve a divine purpose. Its ashes remained and formed the foundation of the Great Altar that was in the Holy Temple [built by King Shlomo]. Its ten sinews were made into the ten strings of King David's harp. Its skin became Eliyahu's belt. Its two horns were made into trumpets. The left horn was the trumpet that sounded at Mount Sinai when the Torah was given. The right horn, the larger of the two, was put aside to be sounded when the time comes for the final redemption. (Brachot 3b)

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Gold Kinnor New Bkgr Framed Art Gold Black BKG Kinnor Framed Art
HebArt-K1. 8x10 Gold Sheen Kinnor (Harp) Framed Art w/black embossed background and gold sheen parchment of ancient Hebrew text (copied from the Hebrew text of the Zohar); accented with a black embossed Magen David and a smaller golden Magen David in its center.
Price: 32.99

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