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Knitted Hat Headcoverings

Knitted Hats - Kova Head Coverings

Knit hats are made of fine knit blend fabrics.  Our adorable hats are timeless and more stylish than umbrellas or hoodies when it comes to sheltering heads from spring rain or snow showers and frigid winds. All purpose knit hats which make warm, soft and comfortable headcoverings. Many with hair loss would also be comfortable wearing our knitted hat designs.

To purchase, select from the below designs. Click on each picture for a larger view of the knitted hat.

Gold Knit Fur Band Kova Hat Gold Fur Band Knit Hat Kova Gold Fur Band Knit Hat Kovaim
KNT-KOVA1. Gold Fur Band Knit Kova Hat. Available in gold, black and ivory - select below.
Price: 17.99 Black is now sold out

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A customer writes:

Dear D'vorah, My package arrived today and I'm just delighted. You really do a beautiful job. I love them both and I'm looking forward to cool enough weather to wear the kova (KNT-1). Thanks so much! Sincerely, Karin

Navy Brimmed Knit Kova Brimmed Navy Knit Hat Brimmed Navy Knit Kova Kovaim Hats
KNT-KOVA2. Navy Brimmed Knit Kova Hat.
Price: 11.99

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