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Mimkhatah - Kerchiefs

Fancy Bandana Style Head Coverings with Ties


Mimkhatah (Hebrew for kerchief) hair coverings are great for casual or elegant wear. Extremely comfortable - so lightweight you will forget you have it on, yet gives great coverage for those looking for modest wear! Also a good start for women who are just beginning to cover. The band ties design works well to size the covering snuggly to prevent slipping without the hassle of using pins and clips while adding a beautiful touch that looks great all day!


Large Variety of Fabrics and Styles


Our kerchiefs also make attractive, soft and comfortable head covering for those with hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania and other medical conditions. Very pretty, ultra stylish and feminine bandana style kerchiefs for women, teens and children. Top quality fabric bandana style head coverings that you will love! With any mimkhatah listed you can wear your hair up or down depending on preference and how much coverage you desire. All Mimkhatah are one size fits all.