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Adas Mimkhatah (Kerchief) Headcoverings


Fashionable, beautiful, comfortable. A must-have casual accessory!

Black Net with Red Embroidery Floral Design Mimkhatah

Longer Length
Black Net Red Floral Mimkhatah Black net Red Embroidery Floral Kerchief Black with Red Floral Design Kerchief Black Net Red Embroidered Flower Scarf

A lightweight kerchief that is the ideal item for keeping your hair tied back and off your face. For total coverage it can be worn over an undercover. Secure with black design band ties.

  • poly net
  • handmade
  • Machine or hand wash - dryer or air dry

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Adas1 - $14.99




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Our Customers Write:


Dear Devorah. Thank you so much for the beautiful head coverings that I ordered from you. I wore one today and got lots of compliments. The mimkhatah was perfect. I will be sending more customers your way and ordering more from you. Kind regards, Adrienne.