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Peach Skin Tiechel (Scarf) Headcoverings


Peach skin fabric head coverings make a fabulous covering for your hair! The fabric is luxurious and drapes beautifully. Ideal for any season or any weather condition! Once you wear one of our peachskin scarves you will never want to take it off! Refer to our Sizing Chart for help with selecting the appropriate size for your hair length.

Black Peach Skin Tichel

Wear Loose, Tied Under Hair, or in Pony Tail Tie
Black Peach Skin Tiechel Headcovering Black Peach Skin Tiechel Scarves Head Covering Black Peach Skin Scarf Tiechel Headcoverings Navy Peachskin White Peachskin Brown Peachskin Creme Peachskin

This stylish tichel is available in a variety of colors and two types of tying designs. Select either a cording tie or band design tie closure for a custom fit and to prevent slippage.

  • peach skin fabric
  • triangluar cut
  • handmade


Sizes Available:

  • x-small: 38W x 19L
  • small: 44W X 26L
  • medium: 50W x 30L
  • large: 54W x 34L


PS1 - $22.99

Select Size ------->
Select Peach Skin/Ties Color ------->


PS1-LG (size large)$24.99

Select Peach Skin/Ties Color ------->





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Fabric Definition


Peach Skin is a fabric which is a very soft and luxuriously smooth fabric and allows head coverings to flow and drape beautifully. Ideal for any season and weather due to its light weight and texture. A Peach Skin Chiffon fabric is also used and is similar in feel to the regular peachskin fabric but lighter in weight. Although a thin fabric, most colors are opaque except for the really light colors on dark hair.

Fabric Care


Although peach skin is a very easy fabric to clean, due to the attached ties, hand wash and air dry is recommended.

Modesty Moment


A woman should not pray with her hair uncovered. Davening (praying), which is an audience with HaShem, requires that the person is dressed in a respectable manner. Since it is an embarrassment for a married woman to be seen with her hair exposed (BaMidbar/Num. 5:17) it is obvious that her hair must be covered before praying.