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Satin Tiechel (Scarf) Headcoverings


Satin scarves head coverings are beautiful for any special occasion! The ultimate accent to any outfit! Refer to our Sizing Chart for help with selecting the appropriate size for your hair length.

Israeli Venise Trimmed Tichel

White or Ivory Avaiable!
White Crepe Satin Tiechel with Israeli Venise Trim

White Crepe Satin Yisraeli Design Venice Trim Ivory Crepe Satin Head Covering

Dramatic and dazzling Israeli motif venise trimmed scarf that gently frames the face.

  • 100% polyester satin fabric
  • oval or round cut
  • handmade


Sizes Available:

  • x-small: 38W x 19L (oval cut)
  • x-small: 36W x 36L (round cut)


SS4 - $28.99

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Fabric Definition


Acetate, nylon, polyester, and silk fibers are used for most of our satin fabric scarves. Softness and sheen of the satin will vary depending on type and blend.

Fabric Care


This delicate fabric takes special care. Due to the delicateness of the fabric and the attached ties, it is recommended these designs be hand washed and air dried.

Modesty Moment


Instead of 'Covering the Hair' being viewed as a restraint and encumbrance, it should be considered as the crown of glory of the woman, which it truly is.