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Sabbath Judaica Art


Shabbat: "G-d blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, for on it He abstained from all His work, which G-d had created to do." (Bereishit / Gen. 2:3)


In much of Jewish understanding the world is seen as broken and shattered and on its way to being mended (tikkun) and even though our present state of being fractured and exiled by the galut (diaspora), we know that it is only temporary because its end marks the redemption (geulah) the homecoming...the great Shabbat (rest). Shabbat gives all that have a feeling of alienation a sense of homecoming. Friday night anciently became called "Leil Shabbat" - Sabbath night, and was never considered a free night to go out and do whatever one wants, or that one could now sleep late on the morning after, but instead was considered a "night in." All those that were away, off, and about in their daily lives during the week could look forward to leil Shabbat - a time of coming home. A time of welcoming and sojourning with the Queen of Days. the Sabbath Presence, the Shechinah of G-d. When the Shabbat comes, we come home from our alienated existence in this world. We again encounter and honor the image of G-d in ourselves and in all human beings around us. So, come, let us welcome the Shabbat!

Shabbat art is sold out but more will be listed soon!

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I also accept custom orders, contact me to discuss availability. Please include details of frame style, design and color(s) you are looking for in a custom made Judaic art.