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Shabbat Shawls - Prayer Coverings


Wrap yourself in the Shabbat (Sabbath) with the beauty of an elegant shawl! Bring the Shabbat in with the exquisite beauty of delicate lace! Click thumbnail pictures for more views. Appear festive in a minimum of time and with a maximum of comfort with a Shabbat Shawl. Slip into quickly for candle-lighting and, if you choose, wear all Shabbat. Having a special Shabbat scarf or shawl for candlelighting enhances the moment for you and your family.

Grape Clusters Venise Lace Shawl

Available in White or Ivory Lace & Trim
White Lace Venise Trimmed Shabbat Shawl White Shabbat Shawl White Shabbat Shawl and Kippah

Floral lace Shabbat shawl. Trimmed with gorgeous grapes clusters Venise. Available with or without matching kippah. Very pretty and feminine.

  • acrylic-rayon lace
  • triangular cut
  • handmade
  • approx. size: 54" (W) x 34" (L)
  • hand wash - air dry


SHBTSHL1 - Shawl Only $32.99

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SHBTSHL1-Set - Shawl & Kippah $39.99

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Grape Clusters Rectangle Shawl

Available in White or Ivory Lace & Trim
Ivory Floral Rectangular Shabbat Shawl Ivory Lace Rectangular Venise Trimmed Shabbat Shawl Ivory Floral Lace Shabbat Shawl

Grape clusters Venise trimmed shawl. Can be worn as a shawl or a veil! Lace and Venise trim are sold out. Substituting lace with another pretty cotton floral pattern lace and similar grape clusters Venise trim.

  • cotton lace
  • rectangular cut
  • handmade
  • 45 or 60 inch length
  • hand wash - air dry


SHBTSHL3 - $26.99
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Turquoise Design Shawl & Buchari Kippah

Shawl Fabric Available in White or Black
Black Turquoise Konta Jacquard Shabbat Shawl Kippah Set Black Turquoise Jacquard Shabbat Shawl Kippah Tallit Turquoise/Black Jacquard Design Shabbat Shawl Kippah Black Turquoise Jacquard Design Tallit Shabbat Shawls Shabbat Shawl Turquoise Black Jacquard Tallis

Shabbat Shawl & Matching Buchari-Style Kippah accented with turquoise/mustard/brown/gold motif lapel (atarah) & band of matching Buchari-style kippah. Can be worn by both men and women.

  • peachskin fabric
  • jacquard trim
  • handmade
  • one size - fits most adults
  • hand wash - air dry


SHBTSHL7 - $49.99
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Mid-Eastern Design Venise Trimmed Lace Shawl & Kippah

Available in White or Ivory Lace and Trim
White Lace Venise Trimmed Shabbat Shawl White Floral Lace Prayer Shawl White Lace Shabbat Shawl Tallit White Floral Lace Buchari Style Kippah

Lace Shabbat Shawl with gorgeous Middle Eastern Design Venise trim. Available in triangular or oval cut, with or without kippah. *Small triangular cut displayed.

  • acrylic lace fabric
  • handmade
  • size small or medium
  • hand wash - air dry


SHBTSHL15 - Shawl Only $28.99
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SHBTSHL15-Set - Shawl & Kippah $34.99

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Sequin Silk Poly Blend Shawl

Available in Pink or Black
Pink Sequin Silk Shawl Pink Shawl

Pink Shawl with iridescent sequin design. Rectangular cut. Can also be worn as a tichel (scarf) creating a beautiful wrapping scarf with limitless tying styles!

  • poly silk fabric
  • rectagular cut
  • approx. 18" (W) x 64" (L)
  • hand wash - air dry
  • Sold Out


SHBTSHL21 $18.99


Soft Organza Shawl

Available in White or Ivory Silk Organza
White Organza Rose Venise Trim Shabbat Shawl White Organza Rose Venise Trim Prayer Shawl White Organza White Rose Venise Trimmed Shawl

A soft silk Organza Shabbat Shawl. Trimmed with surrounding rose design Venise.

*The Organza fabric is sold out - substituting with a soft floral lace.

  • silk organza fabric
  • rectagular cut
  • approx. 60" (L)
  • hand wash - air dry


SHBTSHL22 $32.99
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Rose Venise Shawl

Available in White or Ivory Lace and Trim
Ivory Rose Venise Trimmed Shabbat Shawl Ivory Lace Shabbat Shawl with Rose Venise Trim Ivory Rose Venise Trimmed Shabbat Shawl Prayer Shawl

Floral lace Shabbat shawl surrounded with goregous rose Venise trim. Set includes a pretty matching lace and trim kippah.

  • acrylic-rayon blend lace fabric
  • handmade
  • shawl size: 54" (W) x 34" (L)
  • kippah size: approx. 9.5 inch dia. with trim
  • hand wash - air dry


SHBTSHL24 - Shawl Only $32.99
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SHBTSHL24-Set - Shawl & Kippah $39.99

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Our Customers Write:


Devorah, the lace shawl and headcovering arrived today and it is beautiful (SHBTSHL2 Ivory Lace Shabbat Shawl - Kippah Set), thank you so very much. Roberta


Hi Devorah, I received the SHBTSHL1 Shabbat Shawl today and my wife loved it. It looks great. Thank You. Great Job, Wayne, WA.


Your products are absolutely beautiful! (SHBTSHL7 Black Tuquoise Shabbat Shawl Kippah Set & BCH13-BCH14 Floral Lace Buchari Kippah) I had great difficulty trying to choose - there were so many I liked. Thank-you! Randa K., Canada.