Silk Scarves - Silk Tiechel Headcoverings

High quality silk tiechel headcoverings fabric is strong and is one of the finest of fibers. Vibrant colors and soft texture make you look and feel great. Many colors and styles coming soon to help you make the perfect choice. Refer to our Sizing Chart for help with selecting the appropriate size for your hair length.

About Silk and Silk Blend Fabric Scarves


Silk - A natural filament fiber produced by the silkworm in the construction of its cocoon. Silk is a naturally strong, lustrous, and fine fiber that produces long-lasting, versatile, and high-quality multi-purpose fabrics.



Fabric Care for Silks Scarves


A few important rules need to be observed as silk is a natural fiber and cannot be treated as synthetic fiber fabrics:


✔Never spray silk with perfume or deodorant

✔Never expose silk to direct sunlight for long periods of time

✔Don't spray silk with water while ironing

✔Always iron the backside only of silk fabrics

✔Never wring dry silk scarves



Special Requests


If you don't see listed what you are looking for, please contact us with your preferences, we will work with you to create something that is uniquely you! We also accept mail in fabrics and materials for custom orders. If you have a special fabric that you would like us to make your head covering from, please contact us to discuss details and price.