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Suede Cloth Tiechel Headcoverings


Suede cloth [Moleskin] is a great fabric for scarf wear, especially in cold weather. There are a variety of suede cloths that may be periodically available - moleskin, suede silk, suede cotton, ultra-suede (microfiber plush), and micro-suede (microfiber knit). Refer to our Sizing Chart for help with selecting the appropriate size for your hair length.

Suede Cloth Tiechel With Ties

Fashionable, Elegant Design!
Headcovering - Black Suede Fabric Tiechel Scarf Headcovering Buff Suede Fabric Tiechel Scarf Head Covering Buff Suede Tiechel Scarf Head Coverings

A practical, pretty head covering. Soft and of medium weight. Great for cool days. Secure with rayon cording ties.

  • suede cloth fabric
  • triangular cut
  • handmade


Sizes Available:

  • x-small: 38W x 19L
  • small: 44W X 26L
  • medium: 50W x 30L


SDE1-TCHL - $24.99

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Fabric Definition


Suede cloth fabrics [Micro-suede / Faux Suede & Moleskin] are brushed or napped finished to resemble suede leather, to have a similar look and feel of suede but much lighter in weight.

Fabric Care


Hand wash - air dry is or dry cleaning recommended.

Modesty Moment


What is Tzniut [Modesty].


Our Customers Write:


Dear Devorah, I wanted to thank you one more time and offer a review for other customers. The fabric you made my scarves from is an excellent quality. I expect they will last for many years. The moleskin is warm, just as I'd hoped, and the peachskin has a very elegant drape. Both are nice enough for dressier occasions but practical enough for daily use. I really like your choice of beads! Typically, I've always tried to find ways to hide the ties on my scarves, but the cords and the beads are so pretty that I leave the ends where they can be seen. I've found when I tie the scarves, it works best for me if I use the scarves' corners in addition to the cording ties. This makes it more snug for me; I think I must have a small head. :) As a reference for those wondering about sizing, I ordered the extra-small and the lowest point of the triangle comes to about an inch or two below my shoulder when the scarf is placed about two inches behind my hairline. You do excellent work! Thank you for such beautiful, quality products. Blessings! Esther.