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Untrimmed Kippot


Our untrimmed kippot are simple and comfortable kippot but with a stylish design. Great for both women and men, Synagogue services, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Weddings, Wedding Guests, Shabbat, Kiddish, Festivals and all occasions. For dress or casual wear. Click images for larger view.

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Our Untrimmed Kippot Designs:


Perfect for those craft design times - with kippot that is not trimmed one has the option to add your own special trimmings to make the kippah uniquely yours! All come with attached small hair comb! (Kippah clips are available instead upon request)



Custom Orders - Special Requests


I also accept custom orders, contact me to discuss availability. Please include details of style, design and color(s) you are looking for in a custom made kippah.