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Untrimmed Shabbat Mantilla Veils Headcoverings


Gorgeous worn untrimmed as displayed, purchase custom trimmings to be added, or attach your own special trim for an uniquely "yours" touch. Untrimmed Shabbat veils head coverings make great hair coverings for Shabbat, Festivals or any special occasion. All veil head coverings come with an attached comb to help keep it securely in place.

Basic Untrimmed Floral Lace Shabbat Mantilla Veil

Colors Available
Gray Floral Lace Untrimmed Mantilla Veil Untrimmed Gray Floral Lace Shabbat Veil Untrimmed Gray Lace Mantilla Veil Headcovering Black Untrimmed Veil Champagne Lace Untrimmed Mantilla Veil

Floral lace Shabbat prayer mantilla veil with pretty scalloped front edge. Basic and simple but high in quality!

  • rayon-acrylic lace
  • triangular, round or oval cut available
  • handmade
  • sizes available: x-small: 38x19, small: 44x26, medium: 50x30 and large: 54x34



UNTRM6 - $18.99

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Basic Oval Cut Untrimmed Lace Veil

Colors Available
White Oval Cut Scalloped Floral Lace Veil Headcovering White Scalloped Lace Mantilla Veils

White Scalloped Floral Lace Veil with hemmed bottom edges.

  • cotton lace
  • oval cut
  • handmade
  • sizes small, medium and large are available


UNTRM8 - $18.99
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Custom Orders


Don't see a fabric type or color listed? I accept custom orders. Contact me to discuss availability of alternate fabrics or trims or request a special hair wrap made from your own fabric for a hair wrap that is uniquely you! Also, mailed in fabrics are accepted if you prefer a custom made veil from your own fabric.