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Who is Devorah Channah


Headcoverings by Devorah Channah offers a range of traditional and contemporary head covering designs, modest apparel, and hair accessories for those who seek modesty, suffer from hair loss due to medical conditions like cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania, or lupus, or simply love wearing head coverings and hair accessories.



Designer of Handmade Designs - Affordable Prices


Devorah Channah provides handmade custom designs that are affordable for people from all income levels. Their goal is to create designs that align with the final authority, the Torah, and inspire individuals to cover more as they gain a better understanding of God's desire for them. While some designs are not a full covering, they serve as stepping stones to fuller coverage. Each design is personally handmade using only the highest quality fabrics, ensuring both comfort and durability while maintaining the finest of designs.



Unique Designs


Headcoverings by Devorah unique designs began out of a need for a head covering that would stay put and rid the need for clips and bobby pins and the constant tugging to keep the covering in place. These designs were to be for women of all faiths and those who have medical conditions - hair loss - that necessitate a covering. The various tying designs - cording ties, lace ties and band ties work well to size the covering snuggly to prevent slippage without the hassle of using pins and clips while adding a beautiful and elegant touch! Stylish head wear for women and men.





Our style of head coverings can be worn a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons by all women - from casual to a look of total elegance, for tzniut (modesty), for everyday prayer, for Shabbat (Sabbath) services, candle-lightings and for hair loss. Our designs make wonderful gifts for the Bat Mitzvah and the Bar Mitzvah family members! Some items are designed so that both women and men can wear them. Note: We will be designing more items for men in the coming months.



Great for Hair Loss


Our head coverings also make attractive, comfortable and very soft coverings for those with hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania and other medical conditions.



Beginning to Cover?


Many designs listed are a great start for the woman who is just beginning to cover!



Sold World Wide

Headcoverings by Devorah designs have been sold many times over in every state of the USA and in most every country, B"H. We offer competitive pricing, large selections and versatility in head covering designs and modest apparel for all. We certainly hope that you will consider doing business with Headcoverings by Devorah and may your purchases and this website be for a blessing!



Tzniut - Modesty Sources:

We certainly hope that you will consider doing business with Headcoverings by Devorah and may your purchases and this website be for a blessing! See more about Modesty and Head Covers.

Recommended Books

  • The Tznius Handbook by Rabbi Pesach Eliyahu Falk
  • Seams and Souls by Rivka Glazer
  • Modesty - An Adornment for Life by Rabbi Pesach Eliyahu Falk
  • Adorned with Dignity by Mrs. C. T. Friedman
  • The Modest Way (in Hebrew, Hatzene’a Lechet): A guide to the rabbinic sources (Woman & the mitzvot)