Tichel - Scarves

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Unique, Modest and Versatile Tiechel Headcovers for Casual or Dressy Occasions & Hair Loss.

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Israeli Style Tichels

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Israeli style Haircovers with Generous Side Lengths for Wrapping.

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Sinar Scarves - A decorated small apron (sinar) shaped head cover with attached long wrapping ties.

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Tichel Accessories

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Mix and match scarf accessory to create your own unique look! Featuring our Sari Style Headband™!

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Hair Snoods - Cauls

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Women's snood hair coverings fit all lengths and types of hair, from short to long, or thick and curly.

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Snood Wraps

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Our signature snood style with wrap around style ties, versatile and easy to wear hair accessory.

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Cowl Snoods

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Infinity Scarf - Snood amd Scarf in One! Feminine & stylish, for modesty, prayer or fashion.

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Mimkhatah - Kerchiefs

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A bandana style hair cover with tie closure for sizing. So lightweight you will forget you have it on!

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Mantilla Veils

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Quality lace mantillas in triangular cut, oval cut or round cut for weddings, prayer, & Shabbat wear.

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Hair Wraps

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Beautiful & destinctive trimmed hair wraps for weddings, modesty, and prayer.

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Kippot - Yarmulkes

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All Occassion Kippot. A variety of kippah designs for men, women and children. An elegant keepsake gift!

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Headbands - Hairbands

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Elastic, tie, narrow, and wide Headbands. Wear scrunched or extended for more coverage.

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Head Band Scarves

HeadBand Scarves

A scarf style headband that gives total coverage! For modesty, for thinning hair or hair loss.

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Shabbat Shawls Banner

Specializing in long, full shawls or beautiful large modest hair covers and prayer coverings!

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Hair Accessory

Hair Accessory

Hair, wig and scarf accesssory for women! Featuring our Tichel Grip Headband™, Undercaps & more!

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Kovaim - Hats - Caps

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Summer Hats, Winter Hats, Pull on Caps, Hats with Ties, Beret Hat styles for modesty and hair loss.

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Head Wraps - Turbans

Head Wraps

Super soft stretch head wraps. Multi wear options. Great wear for modesty, hair loss & fashion.

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Tzniut Modest Clothing

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Blending dignity and femininity with contemporary styles. Frum, modest blouses, skirts, dresses and more.

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Tichel Pins & Clips

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Unique Tichel Jewelry to adorn your scaves and head coverings. Stylish designed scarf clips, pins & clasps!

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Judaic Art - Hebrew Art

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Jewish Themed Art - Magen David, Menorah, Mitzvot. A wonderful addition to your Judaic collection!

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B'nai Mitzvah Gifts

Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Gifts

Ladies' chapel hats, doily coverings - for Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, prayer, weddings & all occasions.

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Women's Earrings

Women's Jewelry - Earrings

Uniquly designed earring styles for the perfect additional touch or a great keepsake gift.

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Limited Head Coverings

Limited One of a Kind Designs

Unique one of a kind or limited headcoverings and hair accessory items. Don't miss out!

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Specializing in Handmade Head Covers

Head Coverings, Modest Clothing for Religious Purposes - Prayer, Tzniut (Modesty) and Hair Loss - Cancer and Chemotherapy Patients.


Specializing in Handmade Religious Head Coverings for Women, Men & Children. Beautiful hair accessories and easy tie head scarves. Whether for fashion or for religion, they are perfect for all year round hair coverings! Unique and attractive, casual and elegant, inspired by the latest fashion trends. A full online catalog of fashionable, high quality headcovering designs. Modesty is about revealing your dignity! Easy online ordering, competitive pricing! Huge Selection - Excellent Customer Service!



Hair Loss, Chemo Head Scarves for Cancer Patients


Our designs make an attractive and comfortable, fashionable alternative wear for those with hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania, lupus and other medical conditions. As one customer writes: "When your body is falling apart and you have no hair it is very satisfying to have something attractive to put on your head. It makes you feel pretty and whole again." Loretta



Special Requests


Listed in each category is only a small part of the scarf head coverings available from the huge inventory of materials we have on hand. If you don't see listed what you are looking for, please contact us with your preferences, we will work with you to create something that is uniquely you!



Try Our Designs


We invite you to try our unique tying design for a better way of wearing a head covering without the hassle of pins and clips and constantly tugging due to slippage! Perfect for Synagogue, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, bridal and wedding guests, prayer covering, for candle lightings, Kiddush, all religious and traditional occasions, or casual modest wear.



Crown of a Woman - Being Attractive...Not Attracting


Tzniut (modesty) means knowing and communicating to others that your identity equals your innermost self. Physical appearance should be designed to call attention to one’s worth and nobility, to a good soul. May the designs here be an inspiration to return to the values that have been emphasized for centuries in Jewish life. These values are summed up in the word tzniut. And these values are not only for Jews. In ancient times, even non-Jewish married women wore a hair covering. (Sanhedrin 58b). Instead of covering the hair being viewed as a restraint and encumbrance. It should be considered as the crown of glory of the woman, which it truly is. B'Ezrat HaShem (With G-d's Help) we should all be successful in working on our tzniut and connecting with this beautiful mitzvah as it only brings us closer to feeling our true preciousness as women and to forming a deeper and more meaningful connection with the Creator.



Religious Head Coverings for Women


Covering the hair was a sign of modesty in society throughout history, but times and definitions of modesty have changed. The goal of this website is not to tell women how to cover their hair, but to influence, if possible, one to thinking, talking and learning about modesty. For many women new to head coverings, to cover your hair or not to cover the hair is not a simple decision, instead it is a choice that evolves with learning. May my various designs, made to appeal to the varied levels of observance and knowledge of the head covering, help you in that decision, iy"H.


Modesty is about more than just what one wears. Being modest in appearance and speech is designed to protect our souls from assault by a coarse world. Tzniut is being attractive, not attracting. Following is Information on the laws of tzniut (modesty) - covering the hair, modest dress and behavior


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