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The Perfect Compliment to Add to Your Scarf Collection! Adding Tichel accessories to your scarves adds a little flair to your outfit and acts as Tichel jewelry. Mix and match accessories and tichels to create your own unique look!

Teal Lace Under Scarf Cap

Perfect Hair Accessory
Teal Lace Under Scarf Cap Teal Lace Self Tying Scarf Undercap Teal Undercap Tichel Accessory

Teal lace scarf undercap with self-tying ties, all one piece. Great as an accent piece worn under another head covering. Can also be worn over a contrasting colored for a pretty look.

  • lightweight and soft lace fabric
  • hand made
  • machine wash & dry

UNDCAP2 - $14.99


Red Black Lace Sari Style Headband & Black Snood

Two hair accessories in one!
Red Black Lace Sari Headband Black Snood Red Black Lace Sari Head Band with Black Snood

Perfect for all hair types. Elastic front and will fit most all adult head sizes. Ultra comfortable with an elegant look. Back of snood is tucked under. It can be worn down in a traditional snood style or tucked under.

  • poly blend snood
  • headband rayon - cotton blend lace
  • snood & headband set
  • hand made
  • hand wash & air dry headband

Also available separately: Sari Style Headbands | Poly Blend Snoods


SARI-SND3 - $28.99
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Lilac Floral Tichel Clip

Variety of Colors
Lilac Jeweled Tichel Hair Clip Black Floral Beaded Tichel Clip Turquoise Floral Beaded Tichel Clip

Floral with crystal beaded design tichel clips. Beautiful attached on any head covering or hair style.

  • acrylic & crystal beading
  • floral style
  • 2.5/8" L x 2.5/8" W


TCHL-Clip3 - $7.99
Color ------>


Peach Crystal & Pink Beaded Tichel Pin

Peach Crystal Pink Beaded Tichel Pin

Peach Pink colored beaded design tichel pin. Beautifully accents any head covering or hair style.

  • peach crystal style beading
  • pink beading
  • floral round style
  • 1 1/2 inch dia.


TCHL-PIN2 - $9.99


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