Haftarah Bo
Yirmeyahu 46:13 - 46:28

46:13 Hadavar asher diber HASHEM el-Yirmeyahu hanavi lavo Nevuchadretzar melech Bavel lehakot et-eretz Mitzrayim
The word that HASHEM spoke to Yirmeyahu the prophet, that Nevuchadretzar; king of Babylonia, would come to strike the land of Egypt:

14 Hagidu veMitzrayim vehashmiu veMigdol vehashmiu veNof uveTachpanches imru hityatzev vehachen lach ki-achlah cherev sviveicha.
Proclaim it in Egypt! Make it heard in Midgol! Make it heard in Nof and Tachpanches! Say: "Stand erect and prepare yourself.' For the sword will devour all your surroundings.

15 Madua nischaf abireicha lo amad ki HASHEM hadafo.
Why are all your warriors swept away? None could stand, because HASHEM thrust him down.

16 Hirbah koshel gam-nafal ish el-re'ehu vayomru kumah venashuvah el-amenu ve'el-eretz moladetenu mipenei cherev hayonah.
He caused much stumbling; indeed, each man fell against his fellow, and they said, 'Arise and let us return to our people and the land of our birth, from before the sword of the oppressor.'

17 Kare'u sham par'oh melech-Mitzrayim sha'on he'evir hamo'ed.
[The Chaldeans] called out there, 'Pharaoh, the blustery king of Egypt, has let the appointed time go by.'

18 Chai-ani ne'um-hamelech HASHEM Tzeva'ot shemo ki keTavor beharim ucheCharmel bayam yavo.
As I live, the word of the King, Whose Name is HASHEM, Master of Legions, [I swear that] like Tavor among the mountains and Charmel by the sea, so shall [Nevuchadnetzar] come!

19 Kley golah asi lach yoshevet bat-Mitzrayim ki-Nof leshamah tihyeh venitzetah me'ein yoshev.
Make yourself gear for exile, O daughter who dwells in Egypt, for Nof shall be desolation and a wasteland without an inhabitant.

20 Eglah yefeh-fiah Mitzrayim keretz mitzafon ba va.
Egypt is a beautiful calf, but a slaughterer from the North is surely coming.

21 Gam-schireiha vekirbah ke'eglei marbek ki-gam-hemah hifnu nasu yachdav lo amadu ki yom eydam ba aleihem et pekudatam.
Even its mercenaries within it are like fatted calves, for they, too, have turned and fled together, they did not stand; for the day of their tragedy has come upon them, the time of their accounting.

22 Kolah kanachash yelech ki-vechayil yelechu uvekardumot ba'u lah kechotvei etzim.
[Egypt's] voice will travel like a snake's, for [the Babylonians] will come against them with an army; they arrive against her with axes, like woodcutters.

23 Kartu yarah ne'um-HASHEM ki lo yechaker ki rabu me'arbeh ve'ein lahem mispar.
They will cut down her forest - the word of HASHEM - for they are beyond calculation, for they are more numerous than locusts, and there is no number for them.

24 Hovishah bat-Mitzrayim nitnah beyad am-tzafon.
The daughter of Egypt shall be humiliated, delivered into the hand of the Northern people.

25 Amar HASHEM Tzevaot Elokei Yisrael hineni foked el-Amon miNo ve'al-Paroh ve'al-Mitzrayim ve'al-Elokeiha ve'al-melacheiha ve'al-par'oh ve'al habotchim bo.
HASHEM, Master of Legions, the G-d of Yisrael, said: Behold, I am attending to Amon of No, to Pharaoh, to Egypt and its gods and its kings; and to Pharaoh and to those who trust in him.

26 Unetatim beyad mevakshei nafsham uveyad Nevuchadretzar melech-Bavel uveyad avadav ve'acharei-chen tishkon kimei-kedem ne'um-HASHEM.
And I shall deliver them into the hand of those who seek their souls, and into the hand of Nevuchadretzar king of Babylonia and into the hand of his servants; but thereafter you shall have rest, as in days of old - the word of HASHEM.

27 Ve'atah al-tira avdi Yaakov ve'al-techat Yisrael ki hineni moshiacha merachok ve'et-zar'acha me'eretz shivyam veshav Yaakov veshakat vesha'anan ve'ein macharid.
But as for you, do not be afraid, My servant Yaakov, and do not be frightened, O Yisrael, for behold, I am saving you from afar, and your offspring from the land of their captivity; and Yaakov shall return and be tranquil and complacent, and none will make [him] afraid.

28 Atah al-tira avdi Yaakov ne'um-HASHEM ki itcha ani ki e'eseh chalah bechol-hagoyim asher hidachticha shamah ve'otcha lo-e'eseh chalah veyisarticha lamishpat venakeh lo anakeka.
You, do not be afraid, My servant Yaakov - the word of HASHEM - for I am with you; though I shall make an end of all the nations where I have dispersed you, but of you I shall not make an end; I shall punish you with justice, but I shall not destroy you utterly.