Sukkah 52b:

R. Yochanan remarked, There is a small organ in man which satisfies him when in hunger and makes him hunger when he's satisfied, as it is said,
"When they were starved they became full" (Hoshea 13:6)

R. Isaac said: A man's impulse to evil renews itself [in allure] every day, as is said,
"Every impulse wrought by his mind was sheer evil every day" (Bereishit 6:5).

R. Simeon ben Lakish said: A man's impulse to evil grows in strength from day to day and seeks to slay him, as is said,
"The wicked watch the righteous, and seek to slay him." (Tehillim 37:32)

And but for the Holy One who is his help, he could not withstand it, as is said,
"Hashem  will not leave him in his hand" (Tehillim 37:33)