Transliteration - Translation:


Hashkivenu Hashem Elokeinu l'shalom v'ha-amidenu malkenu l'chayim

Lay us down to sleep, Hashem our G-d, in peace, raise us erect, our King, to life;

ufros aleiu sukkat sh'lomecha v'tak'nenu b'etzah tovah mil'fonecha

and spread over us the shelter of Your peace. Set us aright with good counsel from before Your Presence,

v'hoshienu l'ma-an sh'mecha

and save us for Your Name's sake.

V'hagen ba-adenu v'haser may-aleinu oyev, dever v'cherev v'ra-av v'yagon,

Shield us, remove from us foe, plague, sword, famine, and woe;

v'haser satan mil'faneinu u-me-achareinu

and remove spiritual impediment from before us and from behind us,

uvtzel k'nafecha tastirenu

and in the shadow of Your wings shelter us -

ki E-l shom'renu u-matzilenu atah

for G-d Who protects and rescues are You;

ki E-l melech chanun v'rachum atah

 for G-d, the Gracious and Compassionate King, are You.

Ushmor tzetenu u-voenu l'chayim ulshalom me'ato v'ad olam

Safeguard our going and coming, for life and for peace from now to eternity.

Baruch atah Hashem hapores sukkat shalom aleinu v'al kol amo Yisrael va'al Yerushalayim

Blessed are You, Hashem, Who spreads the shelter of peace upon us, upon all of his people Yisrael and upon Yerushalayim.



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