Tsur Mishelo

CD Title: King David Sang
Artist: Moshe Shur



Tzur mishelo achalnu barchu emunai
Sava'nu v'hotarnu kid'var Hashem
The Almighty whose food we have eaten, praise Him, all who are faithful
We have eaten enough and been more than satisfied, according to Hashem's word

Hazan et olamo ro'enu avinu
Achalnu et lachmo v'yeno shatinu
Al ken node lish'mo un'hal'lo b'finu
Amarnu v'aninu en kadosh kaHashem
The Provider for His universe is our shepherd and our father
We ahve eaten His bread and drunk His wine
Therefore we will thank Him and speak His praise
We have said and have responded, there is none as holy as Hashem

B'shir v'kol toda n'varech Elokeinu
Al eretz chemda tova shehinchil la'avotenu
Mazon v'tzeda hisbi'a l'nafshenu
Chasdo gavar alenu ve'emet Hashem
With song and thanks we will praise our G-d
For the good, desirable land He bequeathed to our fathers
With nourishment and sustenance He has satisfied us
He shows great kindness towards us and Hashem is true

Rachem b'chasd'cha al am'cha tzurenu
Al Tziyon mishkan k'vodecha z'vul bet tifartenu
Ben David avdecha yavo v'yig'alenu
Ruach apenu mi'shi'ach Hashem
Have mercy in Your kindness towards Your nation, our Almiighty
And upon Zion the home of Your glory, the palace of our splendor
The son of David, Your servant, will come and redeem us
The breath of our life, Mashiach of Hashem

Yibane hamikdash ir Tziyon t'male
V'sham nashir shir chadash uvir'nana na'ale
Harachaman hanikdash yitbarach v'yit'ale
Al kos yayin male k'virkat Hashem
The Temple will be rebuilt; the City of Zion will be restored
And there we will sing a new song and go up with joy
The Merciful and the Sanctified will be praised and exalted
Over a cup full of wine, according to Hashem's blessing