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Levush - Modest Clothing for Women

Tzniut Clothing - Frum Clothing


High quality and modest clothing for the fashion savvy woman committed to a modest lifestyle - beautiful clothes that preserve your sense of self-respect and femininity without the frump!


Our Styles!


Fine, modest clothing that meets modest standards at reasonable prices. Dressing modestly does not require compromising on style. Note: Most of the modest apparel items listed are one of a kind items and cannot be reproduced or may be of very limited quantity - when marked sold out that item will more than likely not be available again. Our style of tzniut (modest) clothing are designed according to the authority of the Torah, and are garments that blend dignity and pleasantness and maintain an impeccable standard of dress. As Shlomo HaMelech states in describing the clothing of the Eshet Chayil (Woman of Valor), "She dresses in clothes of strength and regality" (Mishlei 31:25). As our sages say, "Strength lies in conforming with the ordinances of the Torah" (Shir HaShirim Rabbah 2:10).


The clothes of an Eshet Chayil display her strength and steadfastness, splendor and prestige, being totally in compliance with the laws of tzniut, clothing that is dignified and display tasteful refinement. Her aristocratic manner of dress bears witness to the fact that she has consecrated her life to the service of her Creator. Just as the priestly garments of the Kohen are described by Torah as "magnificent" (Shemot 28:2), they demonstrate that the Kohen is engaged in a holy and distinguished service, so too, the garments of the true Bat Israel demonstrate that her days are filled with true values.


The righteous woman combines both with absolute harmony - clothes that are an embodiment of strength, as they fulfill to perfection the requirements of the Torah, and on the other hand, her clothes are aesthetically pleasing and eminently tasteful, with which she brings simcha (joy) to her husband and family.



The Bat Yisrael:


When a Bat Yisrael dresses in the manner that is modest and graceful, the purity of her refined being, her good midot (ethics) and her Yirat Shamayim (fear of Heaven / G-d) shine through, she seeks to honor HaShem and His holy Torah.