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Head Band Scarves Head Coverings


No tying necessary! An extremely comfortable slip-on head covering, headband and scarf all in one in a variety of fabrics and colors.  Slip on and go!

Periwinkle Poly Blend

Longer Length
Periwinkle Polyester Headband Scarf Head Covering


Periwinkle Blue Headband Scarf Periwinkle Headband Scarves Chemo Cap

Soft periwinkle blue poly blend headband scarf. Longer length gives room for either lots of hair or a volumizer worn underneath.


HBS1 14.99

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Gray Black Design

Shorter Length
Gray with Black Floral Headband Scarf


Black Gray Floral Headband Scarves

Gray with black floral design headband scarf. Simple to wear, very soft and comfortable. 100% cotton fabric. (Substituting with similar color designed cotton fabric.)


HBS2 $14.99
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Paisley Design

Shorter Length
Multi Color Paisley Design Headband Scarf


Multi Color Headband Scarf Paisley Headband Scarf

Durable 100% cotton multi-colored paisley design headband scarf. Comfortable for all day wear.


HBS3 - Small $14.99


Purple Floral

Shorter Length
Purple Floral Headband Scarf


Paisley Headbands Scarves Purple Floral Headband Scarf

Pretty purple floral headband scarf. Slip on and go! 100% cotton fabric.


HBS4 $14.99
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Ginger on Ginger

Longer Length
Ginger Designed Headband Scarf


Ginger Design Head Band Chemo Cap Scarf Ginger Design Headband Cancer Scarf

Ginger designed poly silk blend headband scarf.  Wear loose, under band or great with an updo hairstyle!


HBS5 $14.99


African Design

Longer Length
Brown & Tan African Design Headband Scarf


Brown Tan Head Band Chemo Cap Scarf Browns Tans Color Scarf Headband Brown Design Chemo Cap Scarf

African Brown & Tan Designed headband scarf. Poly blend fabric.


HBS6 $14.99
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Mauve Aqua Floral

Longer Length
Mauve & Aqua Headband Scarf


Mauves Floral Headbands Scarves Mauve Aqua Designed Headband Scarf Mauve Aqua Headband Scarf

Pretty mauve aqua and light pink designed headband scarf. Poly sheer fabric. A great addition to any outfit.


HBS7 $14.99


Black Multi Floral

Longer Length
Black Multi Floral Headband Scarf


Black Floral Head Band Chemo Cap Scarf Black Floral Scarf

Lovely 100% cotton black multi-color floral headband scarf that creates a beautiful look. Useful in all seasons.


HBS8 $14.99
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Black Aqua Floral

Longer Length
Black Aqua Camel Floral Headband Scarf


Black Aqua Floral Head Band Chemo Cap Scarf Black Aqua Floral Scarf Black Aqua Floral Head Scarf

Black Aqua Camel Floral headband scarf covering. A poly sheer. For total coverage you will need an undercap with this one.


HBS9 $14.99
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Denim Jean Style

Longer Length
Denim Blue Headband Scarf


Blue Denim Headbands Scarves

Lightweight denim headband scarf. Made of top quality fabric. A great addition to any outfit. Available in the longer length and a shorter length.


HBS10 $17.99
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Swiss Dot Pink

Longer Length
Pink Swiss Dot Headband Scarf


Pink Swiss Dot Design Scarf Swiss Dot Scarf Pink Scarf

Soft lightweight cotton fabric sculpts this adorable headband scarf with a Swiss dot pattern that adds a beautiful look. Useful in all seasons.


HBS11 $14.99


Navy Tan Design

Longer Length
Navy Tan Paisley Headband Scarf


Navy Tan Paisley Head Band Chemo Cap Scarf Paisley Designed Scarf

Navy and tan paisley designed 100% silk headband scarf covering. The beautiful design will spruce up any outfit.



HBS12 $14.99



Gold Black Tiger

Longer Length
Gold Black Headband Scarf


Black Gold Design Headbands Scarves Black Gold Head Band Scarves Fancy Black & Gold Headband Scarfs 

Lightweight polyester blend headband scarf with metallic gold lame threading on black base. Made of top quality fabric. A great addition to any outfit. Available in the longer length and a shorter length.


HBS13 $15.99


Purple Pink Design

Longer Length
Black Purple Pink Headband Scarf


Purple & Pink Design Head Band Chemo Cap Scarf Purple Pink Poly Scarf

Black, purple and pink designed soft poly blend headband scarf covering. Casual or dressy wear. Also makes a good head covering for women undergoing hair loss.



HBS14 $14.99

Crochet Lime Design

Shorter Length
Lime Crochet Headband Scarf


Lime Crochet Design Head Band Chemo Cap Scarf Lime Crochet Designed Scarf

Lime Crochet headband scarf headcovering. Casual or dressy wear. Create an interesting look with the crochet design by wearing over another head covering of constracting color.



HBS15 $14.99
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About Scarf Headbands


Wear with hair up or short hair for a modest total coverage or with hair down for fashion. So simple to wear, just slip on like a headband and tuck tail underneath elastic back, done! Perfect for casual or dressy occassions. Makes a great accessory addition or a perfect gift item. Available in two sizes, small (short length) and large (longer length).  Large - longer length size allows for room for a volumizer to be worn underneath if desired.