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Head Band Scarves Head Coverings


No tying necessary! An extremely comfortable slip-on head covering, headband and scarf all in one in a variety of fabrics and colors. Wear with hair up or short hair for a modest total coverage or with hair down for fashion. So simple to wear, just slip on like a headband and tuck tail underneath elastic back, done! Perfect for casual or dressy occassions. Makes a great accessory addition or a perfect gift item. Available in two sizes, small (short length) and large (longer length).  Large - longer length size allows for room for a volumizer to be worn underneath if desired. Slip on and go!

Batik Headband Scarf

Large - Longer Length
Jade Multi Color Batik Headband Scarf Head Covering


Jade Batik Headband Scarf Jade Multi-Colored Headband Scarves Chemo Cap Jade Batik Head bands Scarfs

Multi-color Batik headband scarf. Longer length gives room for either lots of hair or a volumizer worn underneath. 100% cotton.


HBS1 - Large 16.99


HBS1 - Small 14.99

Gray Black Head Band Scarf

Small - Shorter Length
Gray with Black Floral Headband Scarf


Black Gray Floral Headband Scarves

Gray with black floral design headband scarf. Simple to wear, very soft and comfortable. 100% cotton fabric.


HBS2 - Small $14.99


HBS2 - Large $16.99

Paisley Headband Scarf

Small - Shorter Length
Multi Color Paisley Design Headband Scarf


Multi Color Headband Scarf Paisley Headband Scarf

Durable 100% cotton multi-colored paisley design headband scarf. Comfortable for all day wear.


HBS3 - Small $14.99


HBS3 - Large $16.99


Purple Floral Headband Scarf

Small - Shorter Length
Purple Floral Headband Scarf


Paisley Headbands Scarves Purple Floral Headband Scarf

Pretty purple floral headband scarf. Slip on and go! 100% cotton fabric.


HBS4 - Small $14.99


HBS4 - Large $16.99

Turquoise Headband Scarf

Small - Shorter Length
Turquoise Floral Headband Scarf


Turquoise Floral Head Band Chemo Cap Scarf

Designed Turquoise 100% cotton headband scarf.


HBS5 - Small $14.99


HBS5 - Large $16.99

African Headband Scarf

Large - Longer Length
Brown & Tan African Design Headband Scarf


Brown Tan Head Band Chemo Cap Scarf Browns Tans Color Scarf Headband Brown Design Chemo Cap Scarf

African Brown & Tan Designed headband scarf. Poly blend fabric.


HBS6 - Large $16.99


HBS6 - Small $14.99



Mauve Aqua Headband Scarf

Large - Longer Length
Mauve & Aqua Headband Scarf


Mauves Floral Headbands Scarves Mauve Aqua Designed Headband Scarf Mauve Aqua Headband Scarf

Pretty mauve aqua and light pink designed headband scarf. Poly sheer fabric.


HBS7 - Large $16.99


HBS7 - Small $14.99

Black Floral Headband Scarf

Large - Longer Length
Black Multi Floral Headband Scarf


Black Floral Head Band Chemo Cap Scarf Black Floral Scarf

Black multi-color floral headband scarf. 100% cotton.



HBS8 - Large $16.99


HBS8 - Small $14.99