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Headbands | Head Band

Handmade high quality headband Hair Accessories. Choose from a wide range of coordinating colors and
styles. Most headbands can be worn scrunched for the traditional headband look or extended for more coverage
Headbands listed as "wide" extend but do not extend as much as our normal headbands.

One size fits most adult head sizes.

Blue Gold Chanukah Headband

Cotton Chanukah Head Band Chanukah Headbands

Blue Gold Chanukah Themed Headband. Extends for more coverage. Fabric covered elastic back.

Fabric & Design:
cotton print / hand made

Sizes Available:
one size fits most adult head sizes.

Price: $12.99
Item #: HB-Chanukah


Olive Design Headband Olive Design Head Bands
HB27. Olive Design Headband. A cotton print fabric.  A basic yet stylish design that can be worn for dress or casual.
Price: 12.99

Tan Stripe Voile Headband Tan Striped Head Band Striped Headbands
HB28. Tan Stripe Design Headband. A cotton voile fabric.  Lightweight and so comfortable to wear!
Price: 12.99

Blue White Floral Headband Blue White Floral Head Band White Blue Floral Headbands
HB29. Blue & White Floral Design Headband. A cotton print fabric.
Price: 12.99 SOLD OUT

Denim Look Headband Denim Look Head Band Denim Look Headbands
HB30. Blue Denim Look Headband. A cotton print fabric that resembles the denim pattern.  Fashionable for any age!
Price: 12.99

Purple Black Polka Dot Headband Purple Black Polka Dot Hair Band Purple Black Polka Dot Headbands
HB31. Purple & Black Polka Dot Headband. Fabric is a poly & silk blend.  Best hair accessory for the woman on the go.
Price: 12.99

Brown Gold Stripe Voile Headband Brown Gold Striped Voile Headbands
HB32. Brown & Gold Striped Headband. Fabric is a voile cotton. A very lightweight cotton.
Price: 12.99

Purple Metallic Thread Headband Purple Metallic Thread Headbands Aqua Metallic Thread Headbands
HB33. Metallic Thread Headband. Fabric is a cotton blend. Available in purple or aqua - select below.
Price: 12.99

Select Color

Pastel Designed Headband Pastel Designed Hair Bands
HB34. Pastel Designed Headband. Fabric is a cotton print. Great for adding an extra stylish touch to any outfit!
Price: 12.99

White Batiste Headband White Batiste Hairbands White Batiste Headbands
HB35. White Batiste Headband. Fabric is a lightweight cotton.  The perfect stylish, yet basic and plain hair accessory, for everyday wear.
Price: 11.99

Select Color

Peach Floral Narrow Headband Peach Narrow Headbands
HB36. Peach Floral Narrow Headband.
A must-have for those bad hair days when you just need to pull your hair back and look great at the same time.
Price: 9.99

Black ReEmbroidery Floral Lace Wide Headband Black ReEmbroidery Lace Wide Head Band
HB37. Black Re-Embroidery Floral Lace Wide Headband.
All our headbands wrap all the way around the head with hidden by matching fabric, stretchy elastic at the back for a comfy, secure fit.
Price: 10.99

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