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Crochet Snoods Hair Covers


Crocheted Snood headcoverings can be worn by anyone with any length of hair from very long to short. Even very long hair can wear our snoods, just tuck your hair snugly into the snood, tie it into place and go! Women with shorter hair will find that the natural spherical shape of a snood adds fullness and body and gives an illusion of longer hair. Refer to sizing information below for help with selecting the appropriate size for your hair length.


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*Size refers to snood pouch length, not circumference (my normal circumference cut fits most all adult head sizes). When choosing size please determine by your hair-length NOT head size.


  • x-small - best fit short to shoulder length hair
  • small - best fit short to shoulder length hair
  • medium - best fit shoulder length to upper waist length hair
  • large - best fit upper waist length to hip length hair


Thickness of hair can make a difference in size needed depending on how thick (or curly) one's hair is. If very thick then selecting one size larger will give the best fit.



Custom Orders - Special Requests


I also accept custom orders, contact me to discuss availability. Please include details of style, design and color(s) you are looking for in a custom made Bucharian Kippah.



Our Customers Write:


I am new at the head covering issue, and am currently wearing bandanas but am seeking something a little (no, a lot!) nicer. :) You do have beautiful items, and the choosing took me about an hour to decide!!! Thanks so much! Donna