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Mitpachat Tichel Israeli ScarvesHeadcoverings by Devorah
Head Coverings for Religious Purposes, Tzniut - Modesty or Hair Loss

Where Modesty Does Not Mean Frumpy!


Scarves, Tichels, Kerchiefs, Snoods, Veils Mantillas, Shawls, Hair Wraps, Kippot, Hats, Modest Clothing & Judaic Art

Weave Hats

Weave Kova Hat Head Coverings

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White Tan Flower Design Bucket Hat Kova Headcovering White Tan Flower Design Bucket Hat Kova Head Covering
WV-KOVA4. White w/Tan Flower Design Kova.
Price: 19.99  SOLD OUT

Black Weave Bolo Beaded Hat Kova Headcovering Black Weave Beaded Bolo Hat Kova Headcoverings
WV-KOVA5. Black Bolo Kova. Accented with wood beaded design.
Price: 19.99

Tan Weave Bow Style Kova Hat Headcoverings Tan Weave Black Bow Kova Hat Head Covering Tan Black Bow Weave Kova Hat Headcoverings
WV-KOVA6. Tan Weave Kova. Accented with white or black band/bow design.
Select band/bow color preference below.
Price: 18.99

Select Band/Bow Color

Turquoise Floppy Weave Kova Hat Headcovering Turquoise Weave Floppy Hat Kova Head Covering Turquoise Floppy Weave Kova Hat Headcoverings
WV-KOVA7. Turquoise Weave Floppy Kova. This kova has a pretty braided band and triple petal flower; accented with a cute wooden flower center.
Price: 19.99 sold out sign

Cinnamon Weave Floppy Kova Hat Headcoverings Cinnamon Weave Floppy Kova Hat Head Covering Cinnamon Weave Floppy Hat Kova Headcoverings
WV-KOVA8. Cinnamon Weave Floppy Kova.
Price: 19.99

Brown Weave Floppy Beaded Kova Hat Head Coverings Brown Floppy Beaded Weave Kova Hat Headcoverings Brown Weave Beaded Floppy Hat Kova Headcovering
WV-KOVA9. Brown Weave Floppy Kova. Accented with wood beaded design.
Price: 19.99

Black Rolled Brim Weave Kova Hat Headcovering Black Weave Rolled Brim Kova Hat Head Covering
WV-KOVA10. Black Weave Rolled Brim Kova.
Price: 19.99

Black Weave Floppy Laced Band Kova Hat Headcovering Black Floppy Laced Band Weave Hat Kova Head Coverings
WV-KOVA11. Black Weave Floppy Kova w/black laced band.
Price: 19.99

White Blue Floral Weave Wide Brim Hat Kova Headcovering White Weave Blue Floral Wide Brim Kova Hat Head Coverings Tan Pink Floral Weave Wide Brim Kova Hat Headcoverings
WV-KOVA12. Weave Wide Brim Kova w/floral design. Available in tan weave with pink floral or white weave with blue floral design. Select Below.
Price: 19.99

Select Color

Tan Creme Weave Cotton Kova Hat Headcovering Tan Creme Weave Cotton Koava Hat Head Coverings Wheat Weave Tan Cotton Kova Hat Head Covering
WV-KOVA13. Tan & Crème Weave Floppy Kova w/white cotton brim. Available in tan & crème weave with white cotton brim or wheat weave with tan cotton brim. Select Below.
Price: 19.99 SOLD OUT

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