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Head Coverings for Religious Purposes, Tzniut - Modesty or Hair Loss

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Custom Made Headcoverings - Scarves, Kerchiefs, Snoods, Veils Mantillas, Shawls, Hair Wraps, Kippot, Hats, Modest Clothing & Judaic Art

Beaded Kippot

Beaded Kippah Yarmulkes - Women's Kippot

Beaded Kippot for Women

Available in various designs and yarns - always unique in design and quality, made of finest of yarns, trims and beading for beauty and elegance.

The selection below is only a small part of the yarn, trim and beading selection that are available to create an unique kippah design especially for you. If you don't find a style or color you are looking for from what is listed here and would like to request a custom design or you love a design listed that is marked sold out, please contact me with details of what you are looking for and I will reply asap with what may be available.

To purchase beaded kippot, select from the below designs.

Click on pictures for a larger view.

Black Chenille Kippah Turquoise Beading Black Chenille Kippah Turquoise Surround Beading Black Chenille Yarn Kippah Black Chenille Kippah Kippot
BD1. Black Chenille or Black Cotton Yarn Kippah w/multi-faceted turquoise surround beading.
Accented with black cording trim or black venise trim - select yarn color/trim below.
Price: 18.99

Select Size
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Purple Chenille Multi Faceted Beaded Kippah Purple Chenille Beaded Yarmulke Kipa
BD4. Deep Purple Chenille Kippah w/multi-faceted surround beading; accented with gold/purple chain design trim.
Price: 18.99 SOLD OUT

White Multi-Faceted Beaded Kippah White Multi-Facet Bead Yarmulke Kippot
BD5. White Mercerized Cotton Kippah w/multi-faceted surround beading; accented with lavender design trim and small lavender floral bouquet. Also available with baby blue or white design trim and floral bouquet - select below.
Price: 18.99 SOLD OUT

Purple Chenille Kippah Mauve Beading Purple Chenille Mauve Beaded Kippot
BD6. Purple Chenille Crochet Kippah w/purple beaded trim and surround purple & mauve beading.

Price: 28.99 SOLD OUT

Black Kippah Black Gold Cording Amber Bugle Beading Black Kippah Gold Black Cording and Bugle Beading Trims
BD25. Black Mercerized Cotton Kippah w/black & gold cording trim; accented with partial-surround amber & black bugle beading.
Price: 20.99 SOLD OUT

Black Kippah Black Gold Cording Purple Beading Trims Black Gold Black Cording Trim Purple Beaded Kippot
BD26. Black Mercerized Cotton Kippah w/black & gold cording trim; accented with partial-surround purple dangle beading.
Price: 20.99 sold out

White Crochet Kippah Turquoise Beading White with Turquoise Beading Kippah White Crochet Kippah Turquoise Fringe Beading
BD27. White Mercerized Cotton Kippah w/turquoise cording trim and accented with surrounding turquoise fringe beading.
Price: 19.99

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