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Headcoverings by Devorah - Mitpachat Tichel Israeli ScarvesHeadcoverings by Devorah
Head Coverings for Religious Purposes, Tzniut - Modesty or Hair Loss

Where Modesty Does Not Mean Frumpy!


Custom Made Headcoverings - Scarves, Kerchiefs, Snoods, Veils Mantillas, Shawls, Hair Wraps, Kippot, Hats, Modest Clothing & Judaic Art

Beaded Mantilla Veils Headcoverings

Beaded Veil Head Coverings

Beaded Mantilla - Beaded Veils

My beaded mantilla veil designs refer a lace design mantilla veil with beading along the bottom edge and front edge left scalloped or with some designs trim may be added to front edge.

At this time, I am currently sold out of Beaded Veils. Please continue to check back, I will be listing a new line of beautifully beaded veil head coverings asap. 

I also accept special requests, custom orders if you would like to contact me to discuss details and cost.

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