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Shabbat Veils Head Coverings - Unique Mantilla Designs


Trimmed Mantilla Veils has been used for many years in wedding, Shabbat candle lighting ceremonies and for prayer. The gracefulness of the mantilla veil has made it a preferred choice for a variety of special occasions. Traditionally shaped in a triangular, oval or round cut design and can be made of tulle, chiffon or entirely of lace. Our mantilla veils are available in both short simple designs or in long flowing lengths, trimmed and some with ties for an added touch of elegance. Our mantilla veils are made to compliment any occasion. Select from our large selection of unique mantilla designs or contact us for custom designing.

Black Floral Lace Mantilla Veil

Available Black, White or Ivory
Black Floral Nylon Lace Round Cut Mantilla Veil Black Floral Nylon Lace Mantilla Veils

Round cut lace veil with scallop front and black Victorian grape Venice trim bottom edge. This particular lace is no longer available. Substituting with another floral lace with same Venice trimmed edges, available in black as displayed, white or ivory.

  • acrylic - rayon blend lace
  • round cut
  • handmade
  • Available small size (shoulder length) as displayed


TRM64 - $25.99

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Floral Lace Cording Ties Mantilla Veil

Available in Ivory or White
Ivory Corded Floral Lace Veil Rose Venise Trim Ivory Floral Lace Veil Cording Ties Rose Venise Ivory Floral Lace Corded Veil Ivory Rose Venise Trim

Floral Lace Mantilla Veil with pearl bead cording ties and beautiful rose Venise trim. Color white is not available.

  • acrylic cotton lace
  • oval cut
  • handmade
  • available with ties or without


TRM65 - $28.99
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Extra Small Black Nylon Floral Lace Mantilla Veil

Black Mantilla Fan Design Trim Fan Design Venise Trim Mantilla Veil Black Veil Black Veil Mantilla

A beautiful hand crafted floral patterned nylon lace edged with gorgeous black fan design Venise trim.

  • nylon lace
  • oval cut
  • handmade
  • includes attached hair comb


TRM66 - $29.99


Ivory Floral Lace Mantilla Veil

Simply Adorable. Elegant and Classy!
Ivory Lace Ivory Yisraeli Design Venise Trim Ivory Lace Mantilla Veil

Beautifully edged in ivory Israeli design Venise trim.

  • acrylic lace
  • oval cut
  • handmade
  • includes attached hair comb


TRM67 - $29.99


Round Cut Ivory Floral Lace Mantilla Veil

Elegant and Classy!
Ivory Lace Ivory Trim Veil Ivory Lace Veil Ivory Venise Trim

Beautifully edged in surround ivory floral scallop Venise trim. This particular Ivory Floral Scallop Venise Trim is out of stock. Substituting with another delicate Venise trim to give a similar look. Always the highest in quality and beauty used for substitutions.

  • acrylic lace
  • oval cut
  • handmade
  • includes attached hair comb


TRM68 - $26.99




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Shabbat (Sabbath) Wear


Several Sabbath mantilla veils have trims that are perfect for Shabbat and Festivals due to the Kiddush (sanctification) theme being portrayed by grape clusters trim and the Yisraeli designed venise trims. All veil head coverings come with an attached comb to help keep it securely in place.



Special Requests


The "sold out" head coverings can sometimes be duplicated with similar fabric. Contact me to discuss the options that may be available for fabric in similar color and design.



Our Customers Write:


Just received my two new mantilla veils (TRM66 Extra Small Black Nylon Floral Lace Mantilla Veil & TRM63 Wine Scallop Floral Lace Mantilla Veil with Pastels Lace Trim), beautiful as all your work. Yasmine


Dear Devorah thank you for the three Beautiful Veils you made for Me (TRM69 Ivory Nylon Floral Lace Mantilla Veil). I will make another order soon, your work is beautiful. Diana, CA.


Dear Devorah, Just wanted you to know that I received my mantilla veil in good shape (Custom 38x19 Oval Cut Gray-Silver Floral ReEmbroidery Floral Sheer Veil w/Gray-Silver ReEmbroidery Trim), and that it is beautiful. You did a very nice job on it. Thank you, again, for all your help with finding and making me the perfect veil for my daughter's wedding. I can't wait to wear it. Sincerely, Shelley, WI