VaYikra 26:3 -

Parashat Bechukotai


Blessings and Rewards

3 Im-bechukotai telechu ve'et-mitzvotai tishmeru va'asitem otam
If you follow My statutes and keep My commandments and you will fulfill them.

4 Venatati gishmeichem be'itam venatenah ha'aretz yevulah ve'etz hasadeh yiten piryo
I will provide your rains in their proper time.  The earth shall give forth its produce and the tree of the field shall give forth its produce.

5 Vehisig lachem dayish et-batzir uvatzir yasig et-zara va'achaltem lachmechem lasova vishavtem lavetach be'artzechem
Your threshing will last until the grape harvest, and the grape harvest will last until the [time to] plant, and you will eat your bread to satiation and you will live securely in your land.


6 Venatati shalom ba'aretz ushchavtem ve'ein macharid vehishbati chayah ra'ah min-ha'aretz vecherev lo-ta'avor be'artzechem
I will grant peace in the land; you will lie down [sleep] without disturbance [fear].  I will banish evil beasts from the land, and no sword shall pass through your land.

7 Uredaftem et-oyveichem venaflu lifneichem lecharev
You will pursue your enemies and they will fall before you by the sword.

8 Veradefu mikem chamishah me'ah ume'ah mikem revavah yirdofu venaflu oyveichem lifneichem lecharev
Five of you will pursue one hundred and one hundred of you will pursue ten thousand, and your enemies will fall before you by the sword.

9 Ufaniti aleichem vehifreiti etchem vehirbeiti etchem vahakimoti et-briti itechem
I will turn to you and make you fruitful and multiply you, and establish My covenant with you.

Shelishi (Chamishi when combined)

10 Va'achaltem yashan noshan veyashan mipnei chadash totzi'u
You will eat the old [store] long kept and the old [store] you will have to clear out because of the new.

11 Venatati Mishkani betochechem velo-tig'al nafshi etchem
I will set My Sanctuary among you and My spirit will not loathe [reject] you.

12 Vehithalachti betochechem vehayiti lachem le-Elokim ve'atem tihyu-li le'am
I will walk among you and I will be a G-d for you, and you will be My People.

13 Ani HASHEM Elokeichem asher hotzeti etchem me'eretz Mitzrayim miheyot lahem avadim va'eshbor motot ulechem va'olech etchem komemi'ut
I am HASHEM your G-d Who brought you out of the land of Egypt from where you were slaves, and I broke the bars of your yoke and led you forth standing upright.


Tochachah (Admonition); Curse & Punishment

14 Ve'im-lo tishme'u li velo ta'asu et kol-hamitzvot ha'eleh
And if you will not listen to Me and you will not fulfill all of these commandments.

15 Ve'im-bechukotai tim'asu ve'im et-mishpatai tig'al nafshechem levilti asot et-kol-mitzvotai lehafrechem et-beriti
If you despise My statutes and your souls loathe My laws so as not to fulfill all My commandments, thereby breaking My covenant.


First Series of Punishments

16 Af-ani e'eseh-zot lachem vehifkadeti aleichem behalah et-hashachefet ve'et-hakadachat mechalot einayim umedivot nafesh uzratem larik zar'achem va'achaluhu oyveichem
Then I will do the same with you.  I will impose terror upon you, [which causes] swelling and fever that consume the eyes and fill the soul with grief.  You will plant [your seeds] in vain because your enemies will consume [your crops].

17 Venatati fanai bachem venigaftem lifnei oyveichem veradu vachem son'eichem venastem ve'ein-rodef etchem
I will set My face against you and you will be defeated before your enemies; your foes will rule over you and you will flee [even] when no one is pursuing you.


Second Series of Punishments

18 Ve'im-ad-eleh lo tishme'u li veyasafti leyasrah etchem sheva al-chatoteichem
If after these [catastrophes] you still do not listen to Me, then I will increase your punishment sevenfold, as your sins.

19 Veshavarti et-ge'on uzchem venatati et-shmeichem kabarzel ve'et-artzechem kanechushah
I will break the pride of your power.  I will make your heavens like iron and your land like copper.

20 Vetam larik kochachem velo-titen artzechem et-yevulah ve'etz ha'aretz lo yiten piryo
Your strength will be exhausted in vain.  Your land will not yield its produce and the tree[s] of the land will not give forth its produce.


Third Series of Punishments

21 Ve'im-telchu imi keri velo tovu lishmoa li veyasafti aleichem makah sheva kechat'oteichem
If you walk contrary to Me and have no desire to listen to Me, I will increase the blows upon you sevenfold, as your sins.

22 Vehishlachti vachem et-chayat hasadeh veshiklah etchem vehichritah et-behemtechem vehim'itah etchem venashamu darcheichem
I will send among you wild animals of the field and they will make you bereft of children, destroy your cattle, reduce your [population] and make your roads into wasteland.


Fourth Series of Punishments

23 Ve'im-be'eleh lo tivasru li vahalachtem imi keri
If after these [catastrophes] you have not been disciplined [to listen] to Me, and walk contrary to Me,

24 Vehalachti af-ani imachem bekeri vehikeiti etchem gam-ani sheva al-chat'oteichem
[Then] I, too, will walk contrary to you; and I shall also smite you seven fold for your sins.

25 Veheveti aleichem cherev nokemet nekam-berit vene'esaftem el-areichem veshilachti dever betochechem venitatem beyad-oyev
I will bring an avenging sword upon you avenging the covenant You will be huddled [in your cities].  I will send pestilence among you and you will be given into the hand of the enemy.

26 Beshivri lachem mateh-lechem ve'afu eser nashim lachmechem betanur echad veheshivu lachmechem bamishkal va'achaltem velo tisba'u
When I break the staff of your bread, ten women will bake your bread in one oven and they will return your bread by weight.  You will eat but you will not be satiated.


Fifth Series of Punishments

27 Ve'im-bezot lo tishme'u li vahalachtem imi bekeri
If [in spite] of this you [still] will not listen to Me, and you will walk contrary to Me,

28 Vehalachti imachem bachamat-keri veyisarti etchem af-ani sheva al-chat'oteichem
I will walk contrary to you in fury, and indeed I too shall punish you sevenfold, for your sins.

29 Va'achaltem besar beneichem uvesar benoteichem tochelu
You will eat the flesh of your sons and you will eat the flesh of your daughters.

30 Vehishmadeti et-bamoteichem vehichrati et-chamaneichem venatati et-pigreichem al-pigrei giluleichem vega'alah nafshi etchem
I will destroy your high places and I will smash your sun images.  I will set your corpses upon the carcasses [remains] of your idols, and My soul will loathe you.

31 Venatati et-areichem chorbah vahashimoti et-mikdesheichem velo ariach bere'ach nichochachem
I will turn your cities into ruins and bring your Sanctuaries into desolation.  I will no longer savor [accept favorably] the fragrance of your offerings.

32 Vahashimoti ani et-ha'aretz veshamemu aleiha oyveichem hayoshvim bah
I will make the land [so] desolate that your enemies who live on it will be astonished.

33 Ve'etchem ezareh vagoyim vaharikoti achareichem charev vehayetah artzechem shmamah ve'areichem yihyu chorbah
I will scatter you among the nations and unsheath the sword after you.  Your land will be desolate and your cities will be in ruins.

34 Az tirtzeh ha'aretz et-shabtoteiha kol yemei hoshamah ve'atem be'eretz oyveichem az tishbat ha'aretz vehirtzat et-shabtoteiha
The land will then be appeased for its Shabbatot [during] all the days of its desolation while you are in the land of y our enemies.  Then the land will rest and be appeased for its Shabbatot.

35 Kol-yemei hoshamah tishbot et asher lo-shavetah beshabtoteichem beshivtechem aleiha
All the days that it lies desolate it shall have its rest - the rest it did not have on your Shabbatot when you were living upon it.

36 Vehanish'arim bachem veheveti morech bilevavam be'artzot oyeveihem veradaf otam kol aleh nidaf venasu menusat-cherev venaflu ve'ein rodef
To those who survive among you, I will send timidity into their hearts [as they live] in the lands of their enemies.  The sound of a blown leaf will put them to flight and they will flee as though fleeing from a sword; and they will fall with no one chasing them.

37 Vechashlu ish-be'achiv kemipnei-cherev verodef ayin velo-tihyeh lachem tekumah lifnei oyveichem
They will stumble over one another as though before a sowrd when there is no pursuer, and you will have no power to stand upright before your enemies.

38 Va'avadetem bagoyim ve'achlah etchem eretz oyveichem
You will be lost among the nations and the land of your enemies will consume you.

39 Vehanish'arim bachem yimaku ba'avonam be'artzot oyveichem ve'af ba'avonot avotam itam yimaku
Those of you who survive will rot away in their iniquity in the land of your enemies, and also due to the iniquities of their ancestors which are [still] with them, [they] will they rot away.

40 Vehitvadu et-avonam ve'et-avon avotam bema'alam asher ma'alu-vi ve'af asher-halchu imi bekeri
They will [then] confess their iniquities and the iniquities of their ancestors in the unfaithfulness with which they were unfaithful to Me, and also for walking contrary to Me.

41 Af-ani elech imam bekeri veheveti otam be'eretz oyeveihem o-az yikana levavam he'arel ve'az yirtzu et-avonam
I, too, will go contrary to them and bring them into the land of their enemies.  Or perhaps then will be humbled their uncircumcised [unyielding] heart and then their iniquities will be appeased [forgiven].

42 Vezacharti et-briti Ya'akov ve'af et-briti Yitzchak ve'af et-briti Averaham ezkor veha'aretz ezkor
I will [then] remember My covenant with Yaakov and also My covenant with Yitzchak and also My covenant with Avraham, I will remember and I will remember the land.

43 Veha'aretz te'azev mehem vetiretz et-shabtoteiha bashamah mehem vehem yirtzu et-avonam ya'an uveya'an bemishpatai ma'asu ve'et-chukotai ga'alah nafsham
The land, being bereft of them, will be appeased for its Shabbatot, during the time of its desolation from them and their iniquities will then be appeased [forgiven] since what certainly caused [this] is that they despised My laws and their soul loathed [rejected] My statutes.

44 Ve'af-gam-zot biheyotam be'eretz oyveihem lo-me'astim velo-ge'altim lechalotam lehafer briti itam ki ani HASHEM Elokeihem
All this not withstanding, even when they are in the land of their enemies I will not despise them and I will not loathe them to annihilate them, to break My covenant with them, for I am HASHEM, their G-d.

45 Vezacharti lahem brit rishonim asher hotzeti-otam me'eretz Mitzrayim le'einei hagoyim lihyot lahem le-Elokim ani HASHEM
I shall remember for them the covenant of their ancestors whom I brought out of th eland of Egypt in sight of the nations to be a G-d for them, I am HASHEM.

46 Eleh hachukim vehamishpatim vehatorot asher natan HASHEM beino uvein benei Yisra'el behar Sinai beyad-Moshe
These are the statutes, the laws and the teachings that HASHEM set between Himself and between the Children of Yisrael, on Mount Sinai, through the hand of Moshe."


Revi'i (Shishi when combined)

Gifts to the Beit HaMikdash; Valuations

27:1 Vayedaber HASHEM el-Moshe lemor
HASHEM spoke to Moshe, saying,

2 Daber el-benei Yisra'el ve'amarta alehem ish ki yafli neder be'erkecha nefashot la'HASHEM
Speak to the Children of Yisrael and say to them, When a person expresses a vow pledging valuation of souls, to HASHEM

3 Vehayah erkecha hazachar miben esrim shanah ve'ad ben-shishim shanah vehayah erkecha chamishim shekel kesef beshekel hakodesh
The valuation for a male shall be, from twenty years of age to sixty years of age; your valuation shall be fifty holy silver shekalim.

4 Ve'im-nekevah hi vehayah erkecha shloshim shakel
If it be a female, the valuation shall be thirty shekalim.

5 Ve'im miben-chamesh shanim ve'ad ben-esrim shanah vehayah erkecha hazachar esrim shkalim velanekevah aseret shkalim
If from one month of age to five years of age the valuation of a male shall be five silver shekalim and the valuation for a female is three silver shekalim.

6 Ve'im miben-chodesh ve'ad ben-chamesh shanim vehayah erkecha hazachar chamishah shkalim kasef velanekevah erkecha shloshet shkalim kasef
If from one month of age to five years of age the valuation of a male shall be five silver shekalim and the valuation for a female is three silver shekalim.

7 Ve'im miben-shishim shanah vamalah im-zachar vehayah erkecha chamishah asar shakel velanekevah asarah shkalim
If from sixty and above, if he is a male the valuation shall be fifteen shekalim and for a female, ten shekalim.

8 Ve'im-mach hu me'erkecha vehe'emido lifnei hakohen vehe'erich oto hakohen al-pi asher tasig yad hanoder ya'arichenu hakohen
If he is [too] poor to pay the valuation he shall set him[self] [be presented] before the Kohen, and the Kohen will determine his valuation. 


Sanctification and Redemption of Animals

9 Ve'im-behemah asher yakrivu mimenah korban l'HASHEM kol asher yiten mimenu l'HASHEM yihyeh-kodesh
If [it is] an animal which can be brought as an offering to HASHEM, any of it that he will give to HASHEM shall become sacred.

10 Lo yachalifenu velo-yamir oto tov bera o-ra betov ve'im-hamer yamir behemah bivehemah vehayah-hu utmurato yihyeh-kodesh
He shall not exchange it [with another's animal] and he shall not change it [with his own animal] whether it be a good one for a worse one [or] a bad one for a better one.  If he did exchange one animal for another animal, then both it and its replacement shall be sacred.

11 Ve'im kol-behemah tme'ah asher lo-yakrivu mimenah korban l'HASHEM vehe'emid et-habehemah lifnei hakohen
If it is any unclean [blemished] animal which cannot be offered to HASHEM, he shall present the animal to the Kohen.

12 Vehe'erich hakohen otah bein tov uvein ra ke'erkecha hakohen ken yihyeh
The Kohen shall determine its value whether it is good or bad as the Kohen determines its value for you, so shall it be.

13 Ve'im-ga'ol yig'alenah veyasaf chamishito al-erkecha
If he will indeed redeem it he shall add on one fifth to its valuation.

14 Ve'ish ki-yakdish et-beito kodesh l'HASHEM vehe'ericho hakohen bein tov uvein ra ka'asher ya'arich oto hakohen ken yakum
If a man will consecrate his house as being sacred to HASHEM, the Kohen shall determine its value, whether it is good or bad; as the Kohen determines its value, so shall it be established.

15 Ve'im-hamakdish yig'al et-beito veyasaf chamishit kesef-erkecha alav vehayah lo
If he who consecrated [his house] wishes to redeem his house, he shall add one fifth to its valuation money in addition to [the valuation], and [then] it belongs to him.


Chamishi (Shevi'i when combined)

Redemption of Houses and Fields

16 Ve'im misdeh achuzato yakdish ish l'HASHEM vehayah erkecha lefi zar'o zera chomer se'orim bachamishim shekel kasef
If from his ancestral field a man will consecrate to HASHEM its valuation shall be according to the measure of its seed; [at the rate of] one chomer of barley seed per fifty silver shekalim.

17 Im-mishnat hayovel yakdish sadehu ke'erkecha yakum
If immediately after the yovel year he consecrates his field it shall be established according to its valulation.

18 Ve'im-achar hayovel yakdish sadehu vechishav-lo hakohen et-hakesef al-pi hashanim hanotarot ad shnat hayovel venigra me'erkecha
If after the yovel he consecrates his field, then the Kohen shall calculate the money [due] according to the remaining years until the yovel year, and its valuation should be reduced accordingly.

19 Ve'im-ga'ol yig'al et-hasadeh hamakdish oto veyasaf chamishit kesef-erkecha alav vekam lo
If he will redeem the field, he who consecrated it, shall add one fifth to its monetary valuation, and it is then established as his.

20 Ve'im-lo yig'al et-hasadeh ve'im-machar et-hasadeh le'ish acher lo-yiga'el od
If he does not redeem the field and if he sells the field to another person, it shall no longer be redeemable.

21 Vehayah hasadeh betzeto vayovel kodesh l'HASHEM kisdeh hacherem lakohen tihyeh achuzato
When the field is then released by the yovel it becomes sacred to HASHEM, just as a field that was consecrated, it shall belong to the Kohen, [as] his possession.


22 Ve'im et-sdeh miknato asher lo misdeh achuzato yakdish l'HASHEM
If it is a field that he purchased, that is not his ancestral field, [that] he consecrates to HASHEM.

23 Vechishav-lo hakohen et michsat ha'erkecha ad shnat hayovel venatan et-ha'erkecha bayom hahu kodesh l'HASHEM
The Kohen will calculate for him the amount of its valuation until the yovel year, and on that day he shall give its valuation as something sacred to HASHEM.

24 Bishnat hayovel yashuv hasadeh la'asher kanahu me'ito la'asher-lo achuzat ha'aretz
In the yovel year the field shall revert to him from whom it was purchased; to him whose ancestral land it is.

25 Vechol-erkecha yihyeh beshekel hakodesh esrim gerah yihyeh hashakel
All of your valuations shall be in holy shekalim; the shekel shall be twenty gerah.

26 Ach-bechor asher yevukar la'HASHEM bivhemah lo-yakdish ish oto im-shor im-seh l'HASHEM hu
However, a firstling [animal] that is born first shall belong to HASHEM [as a sacrifice] from among the domestic animals; a man shall not consecrate it [for any other purpose] whether it is an ox or a lamb, it belongs to HASHEM.

27 Ve'im babehemah hatme'ah ufadah ve'erkecha veyasaf chamishito alav ve'im-lo yiga'el venimkar be'erkecha
If it is of an unclean animal, he shall redeem it based on the valuation, and add a fifth to [that amount].  If it is not redeemed, it shall be sold according to the valuation.



Cherem - Segregated Property

28 Ach kol-cherem asher yacharim ish l'HASHEM mikol-asher-lo me'adam uvehemah umisdeh achuzato lo yimacher velo yiga'el kol-cherem kodesh kodashim hu l'HASHEM
However, any dedication that a man will dedicate to HASHEM from any of his belongings be it people [slave], or animal, or of the field of his ancestral land, [none of these] can be sold or redeemed.  Everything that is dedicated it most holy unto HASHEM.

29 Kol-cherem asher yochoram min-ha'adam lo yipadeh mot yumat
Any dedication that a man will dedicate, regarding a man [due to be put to death] cannot be redeemed, he shall surely be put to death.


The Second Tithe

30 Vechol-masar ha'aretz mizera ha'aretz mipri ha'etz l'HASHEM hu kodesh l'HASHEM
All tithings of the land; whether of the seeds [crops] of the land or of the fruit of the tree, belongs to HASHEM, it is sacred to HASHEM.

31 Ve'im-ga'ol yig'al ish mima'asro chamishito yosef alav
If a man wishes to redeem of his tithe, he shall add a fifth to [the amount].



Tithe of Animals

32 Vechol-masar bakar vatzon kol asher-ya'avor tachat hashavet ha'asiri yihyeh-kodesh l'HASHEM
All tithes of cattle and sheep, anything that passes under the rod, the tenth one shall be sacred to HASHEM.

33 Lo yevaker bein-tov lara velo yemirenu ve'im-hamer yemirenu vehayah-hu utmurato yihyeh-kodesh lo yiga'el
He shall not make a distinction between better or worse [animals] and he shall not exchange it.  If he exchanges one for another, then [both] it and its replacement shall be sacred and it cannot be redeemed."

34 Eleh hamitzvot asher tzivah HASHEM et-Moshe el-benei Yisra'el behar Sinai
These are the commandments which HASHEM commanded Moshe for the Children of Yisrael on Mount Sinai.


Chazak! Chazak! Venitchazek!

Be strong!  Be strong!  And may we be strengthened!