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Three Headed Shin Hebrew Art


Sold out, hope to list more soon, iy"H

Shin Art Information


The Hebrew letter SHIN stands high among the Sacred letters because it represents two Names of G-d: Shad-dai, the All-Sufficient, Unlimited One, and Shalom, Peace. The three headed shin is intimately connected with the idea of a system consisting of three separate units which - when combined - result in completeness. Thus, the Midrash interprets the three branches of the shin as alluding to: The three worlds in which man lives - This world, the Messianic era, and the World to Come. The life-giving nefesh (spirit), the neshama (soul), and the guf (body), upon which man's survival depends. And the three sanctities found in the world - the Holy One, Blessed is He, the holiness of the Sabbath, and the holiness of Yisrael (Osios deR' Akiva).



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