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The Poor Man's Miracle

No one showed any compassion for the poor man as he went from house to house begging for a groschen or a crust of bread. Many a door was slammed in his face and he was turned away with insults. Therefore he grew despondent.

One wintry day, as he was trudging through the slippery streets, he fell and broke his leg. Thereupon they took him to the hospital.

When the people of the town heard that a poor stranger had been taken to the hospital suffering from a broken leg, they began to feel very sorry for him. Some went to comfort him, others brought him good things to eat. When he left the hospital they furnished him with warm clothes and gave him a tidy sum of money.

Before the poor man left town he wrote to his wife, "Praise G-d, dear wife! A miracle happened: I broke a leg!"


Most people would sooner help one who has fallen than help keep him from falling.

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