Hebrew Baruch HaShem - Blessed is the Name of G-d

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Baal HaTurim

Bereishit 12:1

Lech lecha - Go for yourself.

G-d alluded to Avraham, "When you will reach the age of one hundred, corresponding to the gematria of lech lecha, I will begin fulfillment of the promise, And I will make you a great nation (v2)," for then Yitzchak will be born to him.

Alternatively: G-d alluded to him, "After you leave your land, you will live another hundred years, corresponding to the gematria of lech lecha." For Avraham left [Charan] at age 75, and all his years totaled 175.

Alternatively: G-d intimated to him that after 50 generations, corresponding to the gematria of lecha, his descendants would be exiled in the days of Zedekiah, "and in your merit, for which I spoke with you at the Covenant between the Parts (15:7-21) when you were 70 years of age, they will return from their exile after seventy years." And it is because of these allusions to exile that the word beCharan (11:13), is juxtaposed with our verse. For Charan is a reference to the charon af - blazing wrath of G-d (Bereishit Rabbah 68:13), and it was because of G-d's wrath at the people of the land, i.e., the general populace, that they were exiled.


V'e-escha legoi gadol - And I will make of you a great nation.

Here, G-d blessed Avraham with seven blessings as follows:


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