Hebrew Baruch HaShem - Blessed is the Name of G-d

Headcoverings by Devorah - Mitpachat Tichel Israeli ScarvesHeadcoverings by Devorah
Head Coverings for Religious Purposes, Tzniut - Modesty or Hair Loss

Where Modesty Does Not Mean Frumpy!


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Symbolism of The 613 Mitzvot

A Sign Between HaShem and Yisrael

Symbolize man's 248 limbs and 365 tendons, and the holy Shabbat is the Divine sign between us and Hashem.

The Ten Statements implicitly include all the commandments of the Torah, however, the Yisraelim did not understand what was alluded to there so G-d commanded Moshe to teach them all the commandments included in the Ten.

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